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Zappaz 04-16-2014 02:46 PM

Choosing between 2 WJs - Can't decide! Need help!
Looking to get my first Jeep. My budget is $4000 so I'm looking into WJs. This vehicle will be my DD on the days I'm not riding my motorcycle but also will be used for some wheeling at Uwharrie National Forest and various other trails/mud pits around me. Whatever I choose will end up getting at least a 4" lift and a set of MTs.

I've found 2 trucks on Craigslist that I'm having difficulty deciding between and could use some other opinions.

Jeep A

2000 Grand Cherokee Limited - Loaded with sunroof, leather, aftermarket 18" wheels. Has V8 (165k miles) and Quadradrive, also has the Mopar molded brush guard and running boards. Very clean inside and out though needs a new drivers door panel as the one in it is torn. Its a nice looking Jeep with all the "creature comforts", almost too nice to take off roading though. He said the lowest he'd go is $3000.

Jeep B

1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo - Has the V8 (145k miles) and Quadratrac 2. Has 4" Rough Country lift and 32" mud tires with only 3000 miles on them. Has Flowmaster exhaust and "custom air intake". I haven't seen this one in person yet but will be looking at it tomorrow evening. Lowest he'd go is $3800.

Right now I'm leaning towards Jeep B as it is only $800 more, but already has a lot of the things I planned to do installed. This is also assuming it is in as good of condition as he claims which I won't know until tomorrow. Thoughts?


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