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tehkwhiz 11-25-2013 04:19 PM

2007 WK Limited - Good Buy?
My Mom's '01 WJ Limited with the 4.7 apparently has a massive oil leak in the far back of the engine, thing must need two quarts a week added into it. Trying to convince my stepdad to just trade it in, it's a huge hassle to fix it (from what his friend, who is also a Chrysler tech said), and he is pretty lazy...:rolleyes:

I found this '07 Limited over at Yark. Looks clean, has the 4.7 w/ 112k miles on the clock, had a few questions.

1.) Asking price is $11,929. For a fairly clean '07 Limited with 112k and Quadra-Trac (may even be Quadra-Trac II, not sure), is this a fair price?

2.) Anything specific with the WK to look out for when test driving or inspecting it?

3.) Can I throw a MyGig RER NAV radio from a later model ('07/'08) in there without any too many additional modifications?

4.) EPA rated it 15/20 mpg. Can anybody chime in with what they average?

5.) It's FlexFuel capable... how would it run on a tank of E85? Is there any noticeable performance hit or economy hit?

Thanks for the help.

Here's the link to the dealer page with all the other specs and info I left out:

Yark Automotive - Toledo, OH: Used 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

WDNewman 11-27-2013 07:15 AM

First thing would be to check KBB and Edmunds for the fair market value of this unit. Then a CarFax check. The EPA rating is usually the standard for what you can expect. More if you drive carefully, less if you dog it.
I wouldn't put E85 into any vehicle unless I had rented it.

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