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73tr6 08-23-2013 09:10 AM

1984 Jeep
looking at an '84 jeep Cherokee 2 door this AM. 5 speed, 4litre (did they make a 4 litre in '84?) I want to use it as a boat puller, also to pull my camper & utility trailer.

Price is right, $1200. Will this do the job? I can't find a lot on towing capacity on old Cherokees and I understand they were under powered.

were these AMC chrokees decent vehicles? are they reliable and easy enough to get parts for?


robtco99 08-24-2013 09:16 AM

I believe the only engine choices for the early xj's were the 2.5 4cyl, the 2.8 gm v6(which is junk), and the diesel. If it has the 4.0 in it it has been swapped. If it has a 2.8 in it pass on it big time, it barley has enough power to move it's self let alone pulling a trailer.

If you want a cherokee definitely get one with a 4.0 it will have plenty of power to pull a small trailer, parts are cheap, and they're pretty reliable.

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