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evan1395 11-18-2013 01:18 PM

05' Rubi for $19,900?!
So I am in the middle of attempting to get my hands on this. I have to hear back from the dealers finance department. I'm waiting on that now.
Anyway I Blue Booked the value of this year Rubicon and it is only booking somewhere around $17k.
Is this just the typical dealer markup? Should I attempt to talk them down a bit?
This is the Rubi, bone stock. Right up my alley :)

222Doc 11-18-2013 01:59 PM

just ran a kbb on it from a dealer its like 19+. so its in the ball park the 17 sounds better. i know a guy with a Lj at 17k less miles 34k, not a rubi. but ljs are harder to find clean. i would bet they go down a bit too. but its a stocker with the original tires still. jeeps hold value rather well, considering.....low millage ones are very hard to find.

Adam013085 11-18-2013 03:43 PM

Priced pretty high IMO. I see LJ rubis with less miles for that price. Id either get them down quite a bit or keep looking.

WDNewman 11-19-2013 06:32 AM

Either get 'em down to your price or keep looking!

Mike1212 11-23-2013 01:54 PM

Get them down, look them straight in the eye and tell them what you want, don't be afraid to walk away and come back. They will go back and fourth from their accountant or GM, but make them do all the walking they can. If they give you the run around tell them they can do what they want with it, but if you are making a solid offer then stick with your guns. I bought a new 2013, Jeep JK Rubicon unlimited. I was in and out of the dealership multiple times. They wanted 38.5K for it. I told them I wouldn't pay anything over 34.5k for it. after a few weeks of in and out and basically telling them that it can sit on the lot or they can send it to auction, or they could take the money I am presenting and be done with it. I got them down to 34.8k with a complete protection package that was "originally" $1,500.00 to be included in the price. These people will sell their souls to get you to buy something and will lie to your face with out flinching, it's their jobs to sell you something to get an optimal commission. You have to do your research of what is out there, what auction price is, what the dealer invoice on the vehicle is if possible and not be afraid to have them hear your voice. If they bring out what the MSRP price is tell them to quit BS'ing you. If at the end of it you feel like they are still high, keep looking.

WDNewman 11-24-2013 06:09 AM

If you get tangled up in the "dealers finance department", you are going to loose your shirt. They will make a good profit off of you by selling "protection packages" as the prior poster noted. There will also be hidden fees. They will not tell you about holdbacks and act as if the paid what was on the invoice. Do your own financing. If you offered them 16k cash they would jump on it.

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