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Quickest Total After Purchase?

I wish I had pictures, but a friend was picking up a spanking new 2009 JK the other day, four hours from home, and after the paperwork was done the lot boy ran it up the street to fill the tank. Apparently on the way back he collided with a woman in a Toyota who made a left in front of him. Managed to roll the Jeep, destroying just about every body panel, but walked away without a scratch, the Toyota was also totaled and the woman had some injuries from the airbag.

My friend is now waiting for the next one to be delivered since there wasn't another one on the lot in the right color and options. Just wondering if that's the fastest anyone got a vehicle totaled, before he even got to sit in it. At least the dealer just ripped up the paperwork and said they'd get another as soon as they could.


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He never even really owned it then...

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Originally Posted by collkid View Post
He never even really owned it then...
sure he did, paperwork was done, his sig. was on the title then it was his.
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Ouch. I'm not sure you can beat that one.
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i know its no jeep but my friend just bought an integra off this kid who put a type R tans into it and drove it .4miles until some lady in a minivan came speeding down the road only to t bone him. but no, thats most certianly the quickest ive heard someone total their car.
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Not a jeep story, but a friend of mines brother bought a built mustang LX when we were in high school. He figured he'd just drive it across town to bring it home even though it wasn't insured or registered. Someone ended up running a red light, smashing into his drivers side. Totaled the the 'stang and got sued.
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Originally Posted by Ski01xj View Post
Not a jeep story, but a friend of mines brother bought a built mustang LX when we were in high school. He figured he'd just drive it across town to bring it home even though it wasn't insured or registered. Someone ended up running a red light, smashing into his drivers side. Totaled the the 'stang and got sued.
talk about **** gfor luck

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In Michigan you can drive a car that has just been purchased from the place of purchase to your residence without insurance and be fine, as long as you have the bill of sale, and an up to date proof of insurance.

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Had the exact same thing happen to me as the jeep that never was.

I bought a new-demo Lincoln LSC in 1989 from a Dealer in Miami. Went to pick it up Saturday morning and they could not find it. After about 30 minutes it comes in on the back of a flatbed wrecker wiped from front to back. Not a panel left undamaged.

The detailer left the keys in it and someone stole it. The troopers chased it on the expressway and the guy hit a cement divider at 100+mph and spun it through a construction zone.

This is the best part!
With the trooper standing there next to me and the sales manager, he says we will have it fixed for you in 4-5 days we promise. I'll give you a loaner till then. I said no way I'm taking that car give me my deposit back, Ft. Lauderdale has the same demo for sale I'm going there. They say we can't you own it, you signed the paperwork.

Now at this time in my life I was powerlifting, weighed 240# and stand 6'2". I tell the manager give me my deposit or call 911 you're going to need them. He looks at the trooper who just busts out laughing and says he hasn't touched you yet so there is nothing I can do, looks at me and says sorry about laughing but this is really funny.

This is all happening in the showroom full of patrons and the receptionist has already called the owner from his office upstairs who joins us. He introduces himself (Mr. Kennedy, I will never forget) asks me to join him in his office and tells the manager to disappear and go get coffee.

We get there and he asks me what happened, after I tell him he says he will make it right, what ever I want. I'm thinking cool and my blood pressure drops back down to normal. He then asks me to take his private golf cart and go out back to this huge lot of new Lincolns and Mercurys and pick out which ever one I want and bring the vin# back. I tell him I can't afford a new 90 that is why I bought the demo 89 for $23K out the door. He says just humor me.

I figure I will make it impossible and find this LSC Special Edition with a custom leather interior and every option under the sun for $37K. Just about the most expensive car out there.

I bring the info back and he smiles and says I knew you'd find that one. He plays with his calculator for a couple of minutes and makes a phone call telling then to get it ready. I say wait just a minute here I'm not paying that much for a car.

He turns the calculator around and with an astonished look on his face says "this is too much"?

I blanched when I looked at the calculator and was speechless $24K out the door.

I said deal and drove it home without the paper work being done because my credit union was closed. He took care of everything on Monday.

I bought five cars from that place over the years.

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x2 - I love to hear stuff like that. Customer Service.
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I have a friend who totaled three Mazda Miatas in three months, two within an hour of driving off the lot. The first she parked at her work and a delivery van drove to the right of the median, which happened to be a parking lot entrance. Hit her car broadside and pinned it against a light pole. Two weeks old.

Second she pulled out of the dealer and a driver came through the red light and took the front end right off. The dealer towed it away for her. Third she picked up after waiting two months for it to come in, picked a friend up for lunch and while they were eating the car rolled into a canal (investigation showed the parking break cable wasn't attached).

She bought a Saturn and is on her fifth one now without ever having a scratch.

Me? I always seem to get a rock chip in the windshield a week or so after buying a new vehicle. The JK is the first I haven't in just about forever.

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Again, not a Jeep but before I joined the Marine Corps, I worked at the local Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki dealer as a setup guy. I put the bikes and atv's together out of the crate. We had a policy that if you service it, YOU test ride it...I am not being the first one on a bike that someone else put together. Anyways, I would never watch a bike that I serviced ride away but I made an exception one time. A guy bought a brand new 04 GSXR 1000. I gave him the safety brief and asked if he had any questions, to which he replied "I have been riding these things as long as you have been alive, what could you possibly tell me?" Roger that...but just be careful because new tires are slick and greasy before they get scrubbed in good. He chuckles and pulls away. Eases through the gutter at the driveway and WHACKS this thing. It lights the back tire up, gets sideways the catches and highsides him, launching him like a catapult and the bike slams on the opposite side. Totalled and the ******* broke 3 ribs because when he landed, it was on the curb! Tried to say that the throttle hung. Thats funny because I did the test ride and it was fine, the service manager checked it on the spot and it worked, and our lead tech pulled it apart to inspect the cable for frays or damage...none. Thats ok, what could I tell him about riding, right? Anyways, the bike had 3.2 miles on it and our testride loop was 3.1 miles. He made it 6 feet from the dealership parking lot.

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I sold cars at a dodge, chrysler, jeep dealership and i sold a brand new liberty, i was watching the woman and her husband turn out of the dealership parking lot and got railed by a semi. No, lie. I ran out there and everyone was fine. Aparently if all 4 tires leave the property, you own it, but if they would have 3 wheels off the property and got hit and pushed back into the parking lot, the dealership has to replace it. These people were on the road for less than a second and that was a good insurance claim lol
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I used to work at a Mercedes dealership and finished a sale on an S600 for another salesman because he wasn't available.

I always watched people as they drove off in there vehicle. Well this day was a little wet out (just finished raining about 1 hour before). This guy leaves the lot and drives about 100' to the highway on ramp. I seen him go up and stop.

Then he floored it and tried merging into traffic. Well he hit a wet spot and must have had the traction control off. He spun it out and got slammed in the drivers front by a box truck. That sent him off the side of the road and down the hill, through a fence and right into the dealers lot. He also took out 2 C-class cars when he came into the lot.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at his Ins company when he told them that he just wrecked his brand new $120,000 car and 2 other $40,000 cars in the same accident.

Luckily no one was hurt and he walked away with just scratches, bangs and bruises from all the air bags blowing. That thing looked like a huge pillow surrounding him. Air bags did it's job that day.........
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