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RichardD 02-27-2009 01:23 PM

No Camp Jeep 2009
Hey folks. I figured I would pass along the news and post this here too, as people come to Camp Jeep from all over the country.

The UFWDA Executive Director just got the word Wednesday, February 18th, that Camp Jeep 2009 will NOT be occuring anywhere this year.

So for those of you that were holding out to go to Camp Jeep, come join the UFWDA at Oak Ridge Estate in Arrington for the 2nd Annual Wheel - In instead! It's March 12,13, and 14th.

Registration ends Monday March 2nd, so do it now.

Simply go to the website, or call 1 800 44UFWDA to sign up.

I will add that you DO NOT have to be there on Thursday the 12th, yes Registration does open at 4PM, you will only be missing the Vendors, which will be there each day after the trailriding anyway.

You CAN show up Friday morning at 7:30AM and register then before the trailriding starts.

There's a thread with the more details here:

Come join us for some of the best trail riding that Virginia has to offer :2thumbsup:.

I apologize for the short notice.

Be well,

The time now is 06:55 AM.

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