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JMil335is 03-02-2010 03:41 PM

Need Expert Advice
Hi, I'm new to the Jeep community, and want to buy an XJ. I read through the buyers section of the forum for XJ's but there were a few things that weren't covered that are on my mind.

So, I know that the 4.0 is the motor to have, and I only really want to spend like $1500 or less starting out. So any further suggestions, opinions on that would be helpful. I'm also considering just getting whatever old motor because I'd like to one day do a diesel, or v8 swap (don't have any idea how hard this actually is but I've heard of it).

I'm pretty well mechanically inclined, good with fabrication, have been working on and owned BMW e30's for years.

I pretty much don't need a ridiculous hardcore wheeler, but I do want to run at least 31' or 32's, with some lift maybe 3" or so. Want to maintain good street-ability, while having a mild wheeler/camping/hunting rig. Don't need to tow anything. Don't need it as a daily driver.

With that in mind how much can I expect to spend for good gear (lift, tires, etc)? I want to do it right, and not have to go back later and spend more money to fix things from buying cheap stuff.

How much can I expect to spend for a good roof rack?

With the initial price in mind what years, and certain parts/aspects should I look for?

If I choose to spend a bit more and buy one thats already modified, what should I look for?

Considering this one because it is so cheap, and I was gonna rip out the interior and buy new seats anyways.

Decided to post here because locals to the PNW generally know what kind of trails, roads, weather conditions we have here.

Thanks all, hope to be a proud XJ owner soon.

RBxj 03-03-2010 10:45 PM

3" lift with 31s is pretty standard with stock running gear, any bigger tires and you start looking at axle problems. The only thing I learned too late to stay away from is the 90-91 Limiteds with the ABS, unless you want to modifiy your brake system right away. They suck. Personally I have a 96 sport and two 90s one limited and one classic. The limited is on a 3" Rough Country lift with 31s and a 96 brake booster and master cylinder. The 96 I ran on a 3" Skyjacker lift for about 3 years both moderate to some heavy wheeling and as a DD. Now it's getting 34" LTBs a Cryco 8 1/4 rear end with Superior axles and an aussie locker. Raising and trimming to fit the tires. All I wanted in the first place was basicly the same as you a little lift and some bigger tires, thats where it starts.........

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