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RBSRT8 04-11-2010 10:21 PM

Before and after...
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As adopted....

I installed some diamond plate, wheel spacers, rock sliders, rear bumper, new carpet, seats, did a spit shine, 15% tint on the windows....and a whole lot of other stuff.

What do you think???

90YJax15 04-11-2010 10:54 PM

weres the pic

Mitchness 04-11-2010 11:31 PM

Yeah, can't really levy an opinion if there's no pics. :dunno:

RBSRT8 04-11-2010 11:47 PM

Strange.... I see them on my computer and iPhone

RBSRT8 04-12-2010 12:05 AM

Can you see now???

RBSRT8 04-12-2010 12:12 AM

Is there a rule that Newbs can't post pics? What's the post count? Anyone know?

Mitchness 04-12-2010 12:59 PM

Naw, I see 'em now. I'm not much of a fan of chrome, but since it came with the grille fascia at least it ties together. Nice and clean though :2thumbsup:

Any rust issues?

RBSRT8 04-12-2010 01:24 PM

Only in one spot on the drivers footwell ( door was leaky ) .... surgically took care of that though, mainly the reason I pulled the carpet.

90YJax15 04-12-2010 04:38 PM

its nice but needs bigger tires

RBSRT8 04-22-2010 05:49 PM

I just got done with the Mopar 4.2 EFI Conversion.... Runs Great!

Pics to follow.

The Saga continues !!!!

ReconBen 04-23-2010 03:33 AM

Thats a Clean YJ right thier. hopefully mine will look as good after i get the paintjob. although i just beat mine up on trails anyways. so the paint is only visible when i wash it :)

RBSRT8 05-02-2010 05:47 PM

Bigger wheels & tires you say....

The time now is 07:06 PM.

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