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02G_Virus 10-11-2012 10:05 PM

Wheel bearing?
Okay, So I've had my Jeep Liberty for about maybe 7 or 8 years. Just about a year ago I started having trouble, i used to drive her off road nearly every chance i got, i took dirt roads, and basically fell in love with it so i spent most of my time finding ways to keep it at its peak performance, but I've noticed a bone grinding sound coming from either the front left or front right wheel when i turn or press on the breaks. We've replaces the calipers, even new brakes pads, and we still can't seem to find whats wrong with her. Some say It's the ball bearing, and some say its the rotors but I'm not wasting nearly $500 just to have it checked out when i could find out what MIGHT be wrong with it from this forum. Btw everything on her is completely stock, I just upgraded the spark plug connectors, distributor, new alternator, and soon I'll be getting new headers and Cylinder rings. Please help! I don't want to keep putting my Jeep through this! :mad:

james1980 10-11-2012 10:53 PM

Check the wheels for side to side play, grabbing the front and back of the tire as opposed top and bottom if theres play take note. Remove the wheels and make sure a backing plate isn't scraping, while your in there spin the hubs if there is a gravely feeling take note. Hopefully your caliper pins have been cleaned and lubricated to help prevent a caliper hanging up. Keep in mind differential and pinion bearings are pretty much right in front of you making it hard to tell sides but may be able to hear by hand spinning the hubs. Once I have even seen a brake pad put on backwards. Noise on braking and turns make me think brake related but without actually hearing it can't be sure. I am by no means an expert, just passing along what I have seen. Hope this helps.

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