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Originally Posted by mschi772

This is incorrect. It's more of a 2:1 ratio, not 10:1. Here's a link to a nice little write-up explaining the math/science of it and how it applies practically to automobiles.
This is exactly what I was looking for in another post thank you for providing the link. So a 6 pound increase in each tire equates to only 48 pounds in the bed.

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I love my STT's and am on my second set. My first set were 31 x 10.50-15 and after 30,000 miles still had half their tread left. I went up to a set of 33 x 12.50-15 and love em. Great offroad, quiet although they do get noisier as the tread wears, handle well.
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Been running the STT's for the past 2 years. You need to determine what is more important to your driving/use. I use mine in off road, summer driving, winter plowing on my property only. They aren't good in the slick stuff on the road but plowing a gravel drive way they are great! They clear mud and snow great but don't have the siping you would want for a good street tire in the rain or snow. If you do more with your vehicle on the road like a DD then you might be better off with the Dura track. I deal with a guy in Saline Mich. that does rebuilds on jeeps as a line of work and he puts the Dura Tracks on all his rebuilds. I haven't had any problems with my STT's but I don't use my TJ on the road when it is wet or icey and I live at the "tip of the mit" Michigan. Snow Country!
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I,m running the GoodYears Duratrac but I,m a DD with my CJ most Highway camp roads.Had a bad run with Coopers and will never go back!!! Can,t say enough good about the GYears.
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STT's Please....

I also narrowed my search to these two tires as my first tire purchase for my "new to me" 06 LJ. Its a second car for me and the DD issue was not there. However, I chose the STT. I have enjoyed them and they have performed well on the streets and my limited off road usage. Came down to two things;

1. Looks- well made (USA) and dont see them every day like the Goodyears- had them for a year now and still look new. A post on this Forum kinda sticks with me-the guy said that after they showed up on his door step that they were more aggressive looking in real life than all the reviews he had seen.

2. Price- bought them at Treadepot.com and that made the deal.

Some notes- 5 balanced really well(32-11.5-15) except one- could have had them re-mount and balance but did not- not that big an issue since they were balanced. They clear mud and grip great. Has some siping which helps in the wet stuff- I havent had an issue with the STTs.

Please understand this is not a Goodyear ding- simply a process of choice for me.

Sounds like everyone likes what they have either way and doesnt seem like you will regret your choice whichever you choose.

Enjoy the ride!!
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I have the Duratrac's on my Wrangler, love them. They replaced the MTR's I had on there originally. They are especially good in the snow.
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Seems like they both are very well liked so I guess its almost a coin toss in the end .
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On my second set of Duratrac's. They are not a bad tire just a few quirks that I'm going to try something different next time. Sidewalls are too thin. On my Sierra I cut the sidewall on one within a week of street use. TireRack warrantied them for me and it didn't happen again. I find they flat spot like bias ply tires when they sit for a while. Under my half ton truck they were "squirmish" until aired above 45 psi and then sometimes after then too. They lasted a real long time on my Sierra and rode very quietly. Pulled good for a hybrid AT in the muck. I may go back to them but want to try something else first.
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I've got two sets of STs and a set of ST MAXX and I have been very happy with them! The STs are my studded snows for a Jeep GC and an F-250 and the Maxxs are my GC summer tires. The STs are great in mud/clay and the MAXXs are nice and quite. The MAXXs do seem to wander a bit on the highway but I expect that to go away as the tread starts to wear down.
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The St's and ST MAXX are very different tires from the STT's.
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I really like my Druatracs on road and off in all seasons and conditions. However, being a winter rated tire the compound is soft and if you are heavy on the pedal in hot climates you may wear them down pretty quick. Considering the sides are two-ply another downside to the soft compound is the sidewalls do nick easily on granite/quartz but nobody in my club, and there's a few of us, have had a Duratrac sidewall blow out on us despite there being visible damage. New, the tread depth is 18/32" and I've averaged about 8,500 miles or so of distance per 1/32 lost.

When I bought my Duratracs, I was looking at STTs as well. The Duratracs won my money based on price. I am happy with the decision as they've taken my family through some nasty rain, sleet, ice, and snow storms with no loss in confidence on their adhesion to the road.

The other day I ran into a Durango driver who also had Duratracs so I asked him what he thought. He said they were OK but he preferred his old MT Baja MTZs on ice. That being said, if you run two sets of tires the Duratracs can be studded, not sure if the STTs can and depending on the conditions you use them in, that could be a deciding factor.
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STT's .....

my 2 cents, I ran 36" STT for a year, happy o trails etc, BUT VERY dangerous on the road... bad grip on asphalt, fishtailing easily on turns ! But the worst is on wet road conditions, that's where the dangerous comes in to play !

never ran Duratracs, so i have no opinion on them. Currently running 37/12.50/17 Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ and I love them in every surface and in every road condition !

hope this helps.
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I am replacing a set of BFG ATs that seem to have a mind of their own on the road and required way way to much weight to balance
Anyone else have this problem? I have had a set of BFG ATs on something forever and never had a problem. On my Wrangler I get 100K Miles if I run them till they are almost bald. And balancing has never been an issue.
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Originally Posted by Gary2 View Post
I am undecided between Cooper STT and GY Duratrac at this point and would like to hear some of your experienced thoughts on each. I am interested in knowing how much weight if out of the ordinary either has required to balance , if any odd highway handling quirks or pretty much anything that seems to stand out about either , good or bad . 33-12.50x15 is the size . I am replacing a set of BFG ATs that seem to have a mind of their own on the road and required way way to much weight to balance compared to any tire I have owned in 40 years. Thats including many sets of BFG ATs but none like these .
I have a set of 315LT/70R-17's GY Duratracs on a 2013 Wrangler 4 dr. Rubicon. I just got back from Moab. I drove just under 1200 miles to get there andd then aired down and accomplished 5 trails. They followed by son-in-laws GY MTR's obstacle for obstacle. They were quiet and smooth on the way out on I70 at highway speed and good in snow & ice in Iowa. I would buy these tires again in a heart beat.
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Been running the duratracs for a while now. Only real concern is the weak sidewall.

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Dana 44's // Lockers and stuff

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