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hgliniak 12-18-2011 11:28 AM

snow/road tires
Anybody have any experience or opinions on the Goodyear Ultra Grip SUV tires? I have an 08 Limited Ed. 4x4 Liberty and wanted to put something on it that was a little more heavy duty than the M+S rated ones the previous owner had (Goodyear Wrangler HP).

I don't really do much true offroading. I want something that would be good in the snow and ice when I need to go off the paved road in the mountains, but also would be ok driving around the freeway in SoCal. This tire also doesn't cost an arm and a leg...


jls04 03-21-2012 06:21 PM

I never did any offroading in mine, but most of the people around here swear by Blizzack. So, I bought a set of them this winter (finally got them swapped back to my old tires today) and loved them. My KJ drove through unplowed roads like there was no snow! Granted, we didn't get much snow this year and I always drove in part-time 4x4, but other people were still slipping and crashing all over the place.

The time now is 07:15 AM.

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