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TellicoTJ 06-10-2013 04:58 PM

smaller heavy tire vs taller lighter tire
the vehicle is my 98tj, 2.5L, 3 speed auto, 3.73:1 gears and it has 32x11.5 hankook RT03 MT on it right now. im comfortable with the power it has because my daily commute is only 20-30 miles on the highway and ive driven it comfortably power wise across the state before and offroad it has gotten me everywhere ive pointed it. my question is would a taller 33x10 km2 that weighs roughly 49lb (7lb lighter per tire than my 32x11s that are 56lb per tire) drain more power or would the lighter weight of the taller tire leave the power changed if any at all?

Also I have switched from stock 15x7 wheels to 15x8 steelies and now have 15x8 mickey classics and the trans has a aftermarket trans cooler to help with temps, and with the weight of the vehicle on my tires, they only measure 30.5". Not sure how the 33x10 km2 would measure up with my setup but I have drove on 33x12 swamper radials before and it handled them fine around town but that was only a day long trial of that size from a buddy of mine.

mschi772 06-10-2013 06:42 PM

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This is a pretty complicated question. Perhaps the info and calculators on this site could help you figure something out:

I want to say that you'll get better power/response from smaller tires; I'm inclined to believe that a slight increase in mass will be insignificant compared to the increase in leverage/torque afforded by a smaller diameter.

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