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TJ2000 12-22-2003 03:54 PM

RE Sucks
Don't get me wrong, i think their components are great. But, when i first opened the boxes i realized that i was missing some of the zerk fittings. Then during the install, i noticed that the bolts for the rear bump stops weren't long enough. They didn't even stick out of the bump stop. Now today i have noticed that the new bolt for the front track bar is damaged.
They sent me new zerks bu they didn't arrive in time and had to buy them. I wasn't going to wait another three days for the longer bolts so i just went to the hardware store and bought some. Now I need to replace the damaged bolt and don't have a car to get to the hardware store.
This sucks. I would like to never buy from RE again but the eventual upgrade to Long Arm will be cheaper to just get the upgrade kit from them then buy a whole new system from someone else. Next time i will buy about a month before install so RE will have time to ship me the replacement parts.

RockPaws 12-23-2003 10:11 PM

Next time.... Just drive one hour north and your at the RE factory. Then check all the parts before you bring them home. Just a thought.
Sorry about the problems. RE has been great on getting replacement items to us quick, and will even over night them if needed.
Like you said, its best to plan ahead when installing mods.

TJ2000 12-24-2003 12:41 AM

When everything is over and done with i probably wont be as mad but it was a PITA running to the hardware/auto parts store all the time. My real problem was that the jeep is my daily driver so i had to wait for someone else to come homw and not need a car. Thank god its winter brake. As it turns out, my jeep will be out of commision for about two weeks before its finished. Air tools, which my dad bought near the end of the install, would have been great in the beginning. Another thing that slowed down the process was that my parents didn't want me working on it when no one waas home. The whole car falling on me and no one being there to help/call 911 didn't sit to well with them. Oh well i've learned, the hard way, but i've learned.

TJ2000 12-24-2003 12:43 AM

Just read your sig. does rock. The price and service i got from jason made these troubles a little easier to swallow.

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