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MT's for daily driving. which has good performance and high tread life

i average about 25K miles a year on the streets and just recently got into wheeling. i know people who have used the BFG MT's and have complained how quickly they needed to be replacement. from reading this forum, seems like the Mickey Thompson MTZ is a potential contender. i have a buddy that that just got the TrXus MT's and those look very promising as well, especially since its a siped tire.

i'm located in SoCal and for the most part its dry. however it can rain quite heavily, if in fact we do get rains. so a very good performance wet & dry tire is a priority. as for snow, about 1-2 times a month i go to he mtns during the winter, but usually the roads are clear. regarding offroading, i just got into it and plan to do go wheeling about once a month in various terrain -- dirt/rock/mud/snow/etc. don't think i'll ever need the most aggressive MT tire.

anyhow, suggestionsand feedback would be much appreciated. also if you could indicate approximately how many miles you got from your tires.

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BFG MT, Cooper STT, Mickey Thompson MTZ.

All well mannered, all good tread life. Ran 2 personally, have personal experience with the MTZ as well.

BFG MTs have exceptional tread life, if not one of the best available for an MT...

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bfg mt are the longest lasting tire i have ever had i have a set of 33x12.5 15 on my 86 cj (4 cly)and thay have 30k with 80 % tread left. and my 79 f-150 with a 460 big block same size and they have 40% left at 25k And in the truck i burn the tires a lot. i would go with the bfg mt i live in bako,ca so i know the weather and roads and the dirt. but thats imo
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Of the types of tires that would suit you fine I have ran the BFG Mt's and am now running the Toyo MT's. As far as off road performance they are pretty equal but on the street the Toyo's seem to out perform the BFG's as far as noise and handling. Can't give fair mileage becasuse I pulled the BFG's with about 50% left. I would expect their prettly equal as long as you keep them rotated and air pressure set properly.
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BFG Mts, many members of our club run them and all have reported very moderate tread wear.
Good luck!
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The BFG MT is the standard of MTs that others are most often compared to. The best thing (IMO) is that it's offered in 33 X 10.5 R15 size. BFG MT is a great all around tire if you get the center treads siped.

However, the Cooper STT is well known to be quieter and is already siped. Some say the STT also has more traction that the BFG MT, but I don't know. However, it's pretty widely said to be quieter and better onroad.

The Mickey Thompson MTZ is a great MT and I like it a lot for it's versatile traction on a wide variety of terrains. However, it's reputation is that it's noisier than the BFG MT, which would mean a lot noisier than a Cooper STT. I have no idea what the wear characteristics are for MTZ.

The Toyo MT is very similar to the Cooper STT, in my opinion, but the Toyo is usually a load E tire, which I think it to heavy for a Jeep. The Cooper STT is available in load D. This paragraph assumes we're talking about 16" rims. I think all these tires are available in load C in 15" rims.

I've heard mixed reviews on the Trxus MT. It's either one of the best street usable MTs ever made, or it's a lousy tire, depending on which reviews you choose to listen too. The majority of reviews of it are good. So I tend to think it's probably a good tire. However, I think that the BFG MT, Cooper STT, and Bridgestone Dueler MT would all last more miles.

The Bridgestone Dueler MT is (according to offroad magazine reviews) a very good MT for on and offroad, and like BFG it has extra good design/construction that gives it an extra flat footprint for better traction. The Dueler MT is also know to be as quiet as an AT. So the Dueler MT is probably the quietest MT onroad, and the Cooper STT second most quiet (though the STT is probably the better tire in hardcore mud).

I think all the above mud tires are great MTs, but you need it to be also good onroad, and I think that the Cooper STT and Bridgestone Dueler MT are the best onroad, and still great offroad.

Why a mud tire when you're just getting into 4 wheeling? How about a nice hybrid tire? Like the Mickey Thompson ATZ, Mastercraft CT, or D!ck Cepek FC-2? They're all better on highway than any mud tire, are better in sand and winter roads, and still have some mud ability. Of these, the Mastercraft CT is my favorite. Well, the Dunlop Rover RT is another favorite hybrid, but only comes in limited sizes.

What size tire are you looking for? What is your rim size?
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Originally Posted by CB3 View Post
The Mickey Thompson MTZ is a great MT and I like it a lot for it's versatile traction on a wide variety of terrains. However, it's reputation is that it's noisier than the BFG MT, which would mean a lot noisier than a Cooper STT. I have no idea what the wear characteristics are for MTZ.
Noisier than the BFG MT? Where do you get your info? I've had both, and I think the MTZ is slightly quieter than the BFG, but it's all relative to the end user. I would put my sidewall up against a BFG any day though.

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Jerry Bransford
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The newly released BFG MT has a much tougher sidewall now, and a BFG Krawler-like tread as well. With those two improvements, it's probably going to be a real contender. If it gets as good of mileage/tread-wear as the previous BFG does, its treadwear will be excellent. My old BFG MT 33x12.50s had 55K miles on them when I gave them to another Jeeper with useful tread remaining.

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bfg wear real nice but they do have a considerable hum at highway speed - another consideration you may look at.

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I have the BFG MTK 33 on and I love them! They are great on and off road and even give great wet road traction. I have almost 10,000 miles on them and they are like new give or take some scares from going off road!

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Running BFT MT's here with 30,000+ miles on them. I figure I'm getting to about 1/2 tread left on them. They've been wearing very well in my opinion. And I like the flex out of the sidewall. Very nice tire.

Unless I find a better tire (considering road and trail traction, tread wear life, etc.) I'll get another set of BFGs when these wear out.

- Jay
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my buddies TJ has the same mods than mine. the only difference are the tires. i have cooper STTs, he has BFG MTs.
my coopers are better on the road and in rain. his BFGs dont´´brake as good as the coopers in the rain an dwhen accellerating his BFGs spin way earlier tha my coopers.
in deep mud the coopers are also better than the BFGS. they clean out their thread without airing down. the BFGs need to be aired down, then they are as godd as the coopers with street air pressure.
in sand both tires are nearly the same. we couldn´t find a difference.
in the rocks his BFG MTs seem to be a bit better. bud we don´t really have rocks in our german offroad parks.
my buddy has his 6th set of BFG MTs. his next tire will be the cooper STT...

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I agree thats odd that BFG M/T wore quick. They are usually good even on a 3/4ton truck for 40k. But out of those choices, I would go with the DickCepeck Fun Country II or Cooper SST. Great on the road, Great on-road wet weather traction, And the FC II should get up-word's of 60k, Give or take a little, And they do great off-road as a aggressive A/T. Cooper is a good m/t, And should wear better than most m/t's. Comes down to how much you have and if you want the best tire, Most settle on the cheapest deal, some would rather have the high dollar top of the line tire. Good luck on your choice

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Originally Posted by Chris_ View Post
I would put my (MTZ) sidewall up against a BFG any day though.
I agree, but the BFG sidewall is known to flex better, giving a smoother ride and more tire conformation to terrain, which increases traction. I think I recall reading that the BFG is also lighter than most others of same size and class/type of tire, which is good for gas mileage, acceleration, and braking. The BFG sidewall is tough enough for all but the most hardcore rock crawlers. For most offroaders the BFG sidewall is dandy.

One of those tires (MTZ or BFG) isn't better than the other. They're both good, but different offering different characteristics. The MTZ might be better for one guy, and the BFG for another guy. I do think the BFG MT is the better tire onroad (between BFG MT and MTZ) based on everything I've ever read, except your post. However, if you think the MTZ is better onroad, I won't argue with you. If that's your opinion I'm sure you have your reasons and your opinion is just as valid as anyone elses.

I do think the MTZ is the better tire offroad, and would be my choice for that. Except that BFG has more sizes, in particular it offers my favorite size (33 X 10.5 R15). So I'd personally choose the BFG because it's available in the size I want, but not because it's a better tire. They both great. Likewise the Cooper STT and Bridgestone Dueler MT are also great tires.

For what it's worth, the Bridgestone Dueler MT is underestimated and often overlooked. It's an MT that is great onroad, and I'll bet it's got a better price than any of the others mentioned in this paragraph. By contrast, I think the MTZ probably costs the most. The Cooper and BFG are more midpriced. At least that's what I've seen for prices in my local area at local tire stores.


That's ^^^ regarding mud tires


However, why not get a good hybrid tire? They're much better onroad than any mud tire and last longer. The best hybrids that come to mind are the D!ck Cepek FC2 and Mickey Thompson ATZ, which are closer to the AT than MT end of the scale, IMO. The Mastercraft CT which I personaly think it a bit more aggressive than the FC2 or ATZ, but still made to do very well on wet and dry highway while having a bit more mud potential.

An aggressive hybrid is the Cooper ST (which I have now). It does everything in mud for me that a mud tire does, and is also excellent on sand. It's good on wet roads too. It's downfall is winter conditions where it's mediocre/OK at best, even when aired down. However, I'm going to have the center treads siped and that should make it pretty good on winter roads snow/ice. However, I think that all the other hybrids mentioned in prior paragraphs will always be better on winter roads, and they're already well siped from factory so you don't need to add sipes. However, those other hybrids mud performance is mediocre/OK at best (better than an AT though). So ST is the best hybrid for mud and worst for winter, and good everywhere else. The best all around performer of the hybrids for mud, sand, and winter roads is the Mastercraft CT, IMO.


I can't say what's the best tire because it depends on your priorities, conditions, and vehicle.

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