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ironbike 06-06-2013 03:06 PM

Little advice for tires?
I want to keep the wheels I have so I need a good All terrain tire in 255/75/17 which is the stock size. I currently have the Goodyear wrangler SRA's and im not impressed so I want something a little more aggressive.
Locally I can only find Cooper discoverers AT3 so far but I have found good deals online for the Hankook Dynapro ATM. The BFgoodrich AT's look great but I cant find them in my wheel size. Any suggestions of other tires that will fit my wheels?

I know there are a lot of threads on tires but I didn't find anything that hit my need for keeping the stock wheels

Most of my driving is on road with the occasional offroad adventure.

mschi772 06-06-2013 07:09 PM

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Look on and Their prices will beat anything local you have, and they'll ship directly to an installer for you, so you won't even need to haul the tires around.

Here's a copy+paste of most of what I have to say about tires. I welcome any follow-up questions.


Originally Posted by mschi772 (Post 15477351)
Regarding AT tires
BFG Rugged Terrain (mild)
Bridgestone Dueler AT REVO 2
Cooper Discoverer AT3
Cooper ST Maxx (aggressive)
Firestone Destination AT
General Grabber AT2 ("classic"/aggressive)
Goodyear Duratrac (aggressive)
Goodyear Silent Armor
Hankook Dynapro ATM
Kumho RoadVenture AT KL78
Kumho RoadVenture SAT KL61 (mild)

That's my short list of all-terrain tires in alphabetical order.

As someone who uses his Jeep as a daily driver but goes off road occasionally, I chose a milder AT tire (some consider it a highway/AT hybrid)--Kumho RV SAT. BFG Rugged Terrain is similar. If I went off road any less than I do now, I'd roll with a highway tire like Firestone Destination LE2.

If you never go offroad, get a P-size highway tire. Don't let Jeeper peer pressure force you to buy a tire that your type of driving doesn't need. Lots of people buy inappropriate tires just because of how they look or because of peer pressure from their chosen automotive niche. My tires aren't "cool" by Jeeper standards, but my XJ is functionally far better off (for my lifestyle and type of driving) than a cookie-cutter Jeep with BFG ATs, Duratracs, or KM2s.

Regarding highway tires
Firestone Destination LE2 would be my recommendation--it's a fantastic, if not the best, highway tire you can get, and the price is very affordable (rebate at Tirerack right now, too).

BFG Rugged Terrain TA is classified as a highway tire but manages a more aggressive look and is also a super great tire. Similarly, I'm using Kumho RoadVenture SATs right now (classified as an AT I believe, but like the BFG Rug Ter, they really flirt with the line tween highway and AT), and I love them. Both the BFGs and the Kumhos might be more aggressive than necessary if you NEVER EVER go offroad I do go offroad as a means to an end on occasion (usually relating to camping or mountain biking), so that's why I chose to give the Kumhos a try. Even for what I do, a highway tire would still be just fine, but I wanted to try a tire I had no experience with.

Michelins are highly rated, but they're severely overpriced--you can get equally good if not better tires for less.

JeepForum is populated by a lot of offroaders. Many who aren't offroaders still want to LOOK the part and think everyone else does too. No doubt someone will recommend an AT tire, and I have no doubt someone will tell you that BFG AT is the greatest tire and is perfect for you. It's neither the greatest nor perfect for you. You don't go offroad regularly if ever--you simply don't need an AT tire.

There are a lot of rebates around right now, and and are both fantastic places to shop. Their prices are almost never beaten, and they'll ship directly to an installer for you at which point you'd just set an installation appointment with said installer.

Bottom Line:
Firestone Destination LE2
BFG Rugged Terrain T/A OR Kumho RoadVenture SAT KL61
Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051 OR General Grabber HTS
I honestly struggled to pick a 4th/5th tire. To me, the first three are THE choices. There are many equally decent runners-up, but I chose the Yokos based on favorable reviews and having driven on them in a Subaru without disappointment; I chose the Generals because of favorable reviews and an overall trust that company has earned from me.

Despite rarely, if ever, going offroad, if you really want an AT tire for the look, BFG Rugged Terrain TA or Kumho RoadVenture SAT are my picks for you. If looks matter to you so much that either of those isn't enough, then nothing I recommend will really matter because you'll probably just be choosing a tire based on its looks alone.

KKiowaTJ 06-06-2013 10:07 PM

Id go with the ST maxx, General at2's or the GY silent armor's. Best tread wear, Strongest sidewall and all will net high mileage.
They all have deeper voids, Sipes and tough sidewall and will hold up on and off with no problems. Good luck either way

ironbike 06-07-2013 01:56 PM

Thinking I like the silent armor and Bridgestone deuler at revos

tyvanwie 06-07-2013 08:05 PM


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ironbike 06-08-2013 05:28 AM

Well because of price and the reviews I have read I went with the Hankook Dynapros ATM RF10. They make them in the same size as stock so I don't have to worry about changing anything else like wheels or spacers.

Charley3 06-08-2013 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by ironbike (Post 15534598)
Well because of price and the reviews I have read I went with the Hankook Dynapros ATM RF10. They make them in the same size as stock so I don't have to worry about changing anything else like wheels or spacers.

You made a good choice. It's one of the best, IMO.

All terrain tires ratings

ironbike 06-08-2013 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by Charley3 (Post 15535455)
You made a good choice. It's one of the best, IMO.

All terrain tires ratings

Looking forward to getting them

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