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ryanservant 08-17-2013 06:58 PM

I need an education
Hi guys,
I just traded in my sport unlimited and picked up a 2011 Sahara unlimited that someone has pimped out a bit.
They did some sort of lift, as well as added these rims and tires:

My question is this, if I like the rims, but think the tires are way too big for me, do you think I could have the tires taken Off the rim, sell what's left of the mud country tires, and buy some normal looking tires?

Would normal looking tires look tiny with that lift?
I can upload pictures if you guys think that would help.

If you think selling the mud country tires is a good idea, how do I go about explaining to potential buyers how much tread is left?
Thanks for all the insight.

Duck Doctor 08-19-2013 09:47 AM

You could get away with reducing your tire size by an inch or two before your rig looks like a freak show. I wouldn't worry about measuring tire depth. Just take some good pics of the tread and place an ad on craigslist.

ryanservant 08-19-2013 12:36 PM

So the tires I have now are LT315/75R16.

Does the 315 show the width from the rim to the tread?

Duck Doctor 08-19-2013 12:56 PM

That's about a 35" x 12.9" tire. Take a look at 285 75 16, 305 75 16, and 255 85 16. You can use a metric tire calculator to convert those sizes to inches

jp360cj 08-25-2013 08:25 PM

315 is the section width in millimeters. 75 is the aspect ratio; the sidewall height is 75% of the section width. and 16 is the wheel diameter.

Divide with by 25.4 to get width in inches
315/25.4 ~ 12.4 inches

Multiply width by aspect ratio to get sidewall height.
12.4*.75= 9.3 inches

To get the height multiply the sidewall height by 2 (to account for the sidewall on each side of the wheel) and add the wheel height

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