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mkost001 06-20-2010 01:52 PM

Goodyear Duratrac 285/70/17 Tire Pressure?
I have a 2008 JK 4 door with a 3 inch lift and just put on a new set of Goodyear Duratrac's. I have been reading a lot of the posts on the new Duratrac's but none of them are related to the size tire I have. The 285/70/17 is rated for 45-65lbs cold. The tire shop put them at 50 and told me never to run them with less than 45lbs. However it seems like way too much. Im used to running 35lbs in the stock goodyears. Anyone using this size tire, have any feedback or knowledge on the subject would be great. They weren't cheap and I don't want to ruin them.

CJ7-Tim 06-20-2010 02:23 PM

Typically larger tires handle your vehicles weight differently than stock tires and the original door tag pressure recommendations don't apply. A tire not properly inflated will wear incorrectly and more quickly than a properly inflated one would.

An under-inflated tire will cause increased rolling resistance which will rob you of fuel economy and possibly damage the tire due to excessive heat. Other symptoms of under-inflation can be a steering pull.

On the other hand an over-inflated tire can give you an improvement in fuel economy but that savings will disappear when you need to replace your tires sooner. Over-inflation will also cause a harsher ride and potentially poor handling since the tires may skid over the road instead of grip.

Checking proper tire inflation is rather simple and requires some chalk or a utility crayon.

Make a mark all the way across each tire from sidewall to sidewall.

Drive the Jeep for a short distance, a straight line is best.

Note the wear pattern in the chalk. If there is chalk left at the edges, the tire is over inflated. Chalk left in the center means it's under-inflated. A clean pattern indicates the pressure is just right for your tire/rim/vehicle combination.

glockster 06-20-2010 03:38 PM

I suspect you'll end up somewhere around 30 psi when you're all done.

I just spray water on the tread and check the footprint. I ended up at 27 psi on my 285/75/16 load range "D" mickey thompsons. You'll lose diameter with the lower pressure but you'll enjoy the improved ride quality.

Elitejeeper 10-08-2010 04:28 AM

Just got my duratracs today 33x12.50x15. I have them set at 29 psi. May switch depending on how they wear.


Zachnap 08-27-2011 01:51 PM

I've got a 2001 TJ with 31X10.5 R15 Duratracs and I cannot get the full tread to touch ground. The shop installed them at 37psi, I've lowered them to 29psi and still no go. There is at about 2" of the outer tread on both sides that does not touch the ground.

The tread on the tires is rounded to begin with so I don't know if that is just the way these tires are or if there is something I'm doing wrong. Has anyone had any luck getting the full tread to touch with these tires?

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