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Ken Cooke 06-12-2013 03:35 PM

Baja BFGoodrich AT/KO tire review
I would consider myself to be a 'Conservative' driver - careful on-road driving, casual trips to the mall, and some 'light off-roading'. When I bought my Rubicon 10 yrs ago, I wanted to see what she could do off the lot, so I took her mudding with some experienced off-roaders. I was running 31" GY MTRs.

Gold Crown Road - Twentynine Palms area (Sept. 2003)

In February (2013), I came across a killer deal on some 35" BFG AT/KOs and after running TrXus MTs for 8 yrs., I thought I would give the BFG AT/KO another shot.

Rebuilding for Baja - in Tijuana, Mexico

By March, I was ready for some 4 wheeling action, so I took the Jeep to the 2013 Tierra Del Sol to see how these mild All-Terrains could keep up with the guys running KM2s and IROCs. I noticed some limitations, but also realized that the increase from 33" to 35" helped quite a bit with the traction.

Later that month, I decided the Jeep should be tested along the 2 day BAJA POLE LINE ROAD - driving roughly 125 mi. to/from the trail - south of the massive Laguna Salada where the Baja 250 and 500 races take place every year. BAJA IS A BLAST!


The drive down was WAY QUIETER than it would have been with my INTERCO TrXus MTs. Preserving one's hearing can be a good thing.:nono:

At the Bank in Mexicali withdrawing Pesos

I had to lift the Jeep a bit higher to accommodate these new (to me) treads
4" suspension + 1" coil spacers + 1" body lift by Daystar

The day of the run, I noticed all of the vehicles are running BFG tires. No tire failures was a good thing.:2thumbsup:

Crossing the seismically active Sierra Mayor range south of Mexicali

Here is where the tires revealed how good they would perform in the mud

Surprising fact - These tires pulled through the muck. Sure, they packed in the mud, but they worked surprisingly well.

Russ' Jeep with 33" KM2s pulled through just fine.

Our group made it without winch pulls

The rest of our trip worked real well - rocks, dirt, camping, I did it all with these tires, and no failures to report. :thumbsup:

Charley3 06-13-2013 04:42 PM

Good post. I enjoyed it.

jimk403 06-14-2013 09:46 PM

Nice. I ran the BFG ATs when we had a house south of San Felipe, never had a problem with them.

VietVet67 06-24-2013 08:49 PM

I've taken the same BFG's to Malerrimo the last three times we went no problem good pic's ---stay safe!!

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