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MoC 06-03-2013 08:49 PM

36 Swampers and Air Soft
Anyone running 36 12.50 Swamper TSL sx bias ply's with air soft pellets? If so how much weight are you running? Been doing a bunch of reading and thinking about going this route to try to get a better balancer and get the large amount of weights off the rims. I have searched around and come up with a large range that people are recommending. The dynobead chart says 8oz. I have also seen people to 10-12 per tire on 36's.

So I guess the questions are anyone running these tires and what weight were you successful at?

Is to much a bad thing? Can I go straight to 12 oz per tire to make sure I dont do it again?


schitzangiggles 06-06-2013 11:02 PM

I run 36" GY Wrangler MT (16.5" humvee tires and I am running@ 9oz of STEEL BB's in mine. Why steel BB's? denser, don't/can't clump up when you get moisture in your tire from the air compressor at the gas station and when I get a flat I unseat the bead and put a magnet in and pull them all out at once until the plug/patch dries and then put them back in.

IIRC basically a quater of a cup of steel BB's and you will be fine.

FWIW I have done this for years.
Here's a write up I did:

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