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TSCoating 01-28-2014 09:13 AM

Parting out complete 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 5.2L
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Parting out a complete 1996 Grand Cherokee ZJ. It is a limited with 195k miles on it and a 5.2L Magnum V8. It runs great, no problems at all other than a cracked radiator and no title.

Interior is decent, door panels are crappy and the seats have some little tears and wear. Stereo head unit is gone.

Complete engine minus wiring - $400
Complete 44re transmission - $150
NP249 transfer case - $150
Wheels and tires - $150
Rear D44a rear axle with disc brakes - $250
Front D30LP with disc brakes - $150
Doors - $50 each

Email or post up for other parts. Should have it in the shop on Thursday to start pulling parts. Will post pic tonight.

DKenyon28 01-28-2014 12:32 PM

Will you ship? How much for tie rod, tie rod end, and adjusting sleeve? Shipped to 37641

TSCoating 01-28-2014 02:58 PM

Yes, I will ship anything, including engines/transmissions.

I can do $65 shipped on that stuff, it'll be this weekend before I can get it out though.

moparornocar72 01-28-2014 04:03 PM

Would you ship the front headlight and grill bracket complete with all lights and grill to auburn, al 36830

TSCoating 01-28-2014 05:39 PM

I have a guy interested in the headlights, but I do have the header panel, grille, turn signals, and signal lights. I can do $75 shipped for all of that. Shipping is a killer due to the size.

miami30141 01-29-2014 08:44 AM

How much for front driveshaft shipped to Hiram Ga,30141?

TSCoating 01-29-2014 11:18 AM

$65 shipped for the front driveshaft.

denverd1 01-29-2014 02:10 PM

any skid plates?

TSCoating 01-29-2014 08:36 PM

Honestly I'm not sure. It is covered in snow now, I'll have it in the shop tomorrow night and I'll check.

leatherworker 01-29-2014 08:48 PM

how much shipped for the front axle? and what gear ratio ?

TSCoating 01-29-2014 09:39 PM

3.75 gears. It is heavy so freight is going to be up there.

Axle plus shipping:
$450 shipped to your door
$350 picked up at terminal in Schertz TX 78154

leatherworker 01-29-2014 10:09 PM

im willing to pick it up in schertz, if you can have it shipped there, is the undamaged,no bent, and undamaged gearing?

xcasbonx 02-01-2014 09:37 AM

How are the springs up front? What would they go for shipped to 46563? Thanks.

frhrwa 02-02-2014 07:30 AM

what does the dome light look like? looking for the center light with the readers on each side?.. thanks.. 99006

ashoogeveen 02-03-2014 05:21 PM

how much for the driver seat motor/track? shipped to 91708. thanks

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