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Grand96 09-21-2002 11:30 AM

windshield wiper issue
The intermitant wiper selection stopped working on my GC. The fast and faster mode still works though. The water sprayers works and the turn signal works. Has anyone had this problem where only the intermitant wiper selection won't work? If so, What might be failing (the wiper swirch on the steering wheel or is it the wiper motor?)???:confused: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

crazymike 09-21-2002 04:37 PM

My 93 does the same thing. Im almost positive its a weak conection. But to fix it you need a torxe wrench. (not torque) I will check mine out this week and let you know. My jeep seems to be notorious for bad conections. I always get a rear lamp failure error when pulling a trailer (fried circuit board). And the LCD on my stock stereo works on and off. (good excuse for why Im always late :P )

If you find a different solution, please post

wadger 10-01-2002 01:25 PM

its probably the intermitent wiper module gone bad. I think it costs around $25-30 from a dealer. Its located on the drivers side kickpanel by the brake pedal. Just take off the small panel (only 2 screws) and you'll see a black box (about 2"x2") and it says wiper module or something like that. Its velcroed to the jeep. take it off and make sure you have good connections and that the contacts are clean before you run out and purchase a new one.

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