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Lakoswolf 11-25-2012 01:25 PM

Window motor or regulator? + a few questions
Greetings everyone,

Apologies for the long post in advance! I've got a '93 5.2 with 144,xxx on the clock. I'm going to be taking my Jeep out of service for some repairs in about a month or so and need some advice.

1. on very cold days my driver window will only roll down about half way. (if I give it some pressure I can get it all the way down if I wanted). I've searched the forum and narrowed it down to either the regulator or motor. Is there any way to determine which it might be and if so, fix it? If not I've thought about just replacing both but I don't want to spend money needlessly.

2. I am planning to buy a header panel from RockAuto, I've read mixed reviews on the forum regarding these, any further insight in terms of your experience with these would be awesome. I'm planning on porting my leveling hardware over if it's not damaged. (whoever had this Jeep before me hit something with it and smashed stuff up good.)

3. I know that Jeeps don't get great gas mileage, but I can't seem to figure mine out. My 4.0 would get 16mpg regularly and my 5.2 did as well and then it just dropped off. I'm pushing 12mpg right now roughly.

So far I've replaced:

Fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs, wires, distributor. Transmission and transfer case were recently overhauled (I know without a doubt the VC is bad, haven't had money to replace it yet).

4. Eventually I'd like to wire up some off road lights to the factory switch. (I found the wire-harness to the factory fogs (which I've never had) just sitting in the engine compartment with the mounts bent perpendicular to the bumper). How difficult would this be? I've found info on adding factory fogs to a previously unequipped Jeep and this The only electrical work I've done is repairs to my door wire-harnesses so any input here would also be very helpful! :)

5. On a less important cosmetic note, there is a boatload of dust behind the plastic on my instrument cluster, does anyone have a method in terms of removing the front plastic from the cluster so I can get all the dust out? (I know I'll likely have to pull it from the dash.)

Thanks for your time and input!

JasonStebbins 11-25-2012 06:05 PM

1. I had the same problem. Turned out the window came out of the groove in the regulator. Pried it back in and use some epoxy to keep it in there. Been working fine for over two years now. Wouldn't hurt to pull the panel and watch what it does as you roll it up and down.

2. There's a few sites that carry good quality panels. Stay away from eBay. RockAuto has never disappointed me.

3. When is the last time you replaced the upstream oxygen sensor? Have you done the on/off key trick to see if any codes are stored? How is the condition of your plenum gasket? Any oil in the intake? Catalytic converter original?

4. Have to wait for someone else about that. I'm a fan of putting everything on a separate toggle switch in the dash.

5. The gauge cluster is very easy to remove. You just have to take out the bezel in front of it (like 8-10 phillips screws) and the cluster is like 4 or 5. Then it just pulls straight out. The plastic should pop off.

Lakoswolf 11-26-2012 11:16 AM

Thanks for the info, I'll consult my manual regarding the things you mentioned in #3 as I don't have any experience with those.

Lakoswolf 01-02-2013 03:57 PM

Greetings all (again),

I have been doing some research regarding repairs to my Jeep and it seems as though next to the other things I have read on the forum and this thread that I may have an 02 sensor playing a part in all of this. The only problem I have is that I cannot verify this fact because I have an intermittent check engine light and as OBD1 doesn't store codes (so far as I"m aware). I can't do the key trick because every time I shut the Jeep off the check engine light doesn't come back on. Any ideas? I'll have access to an OBD1 scanner soon enough but without some "live" data I'm not sure it will be of much help. I would just replace the sensor but I'm rather strapped for $ at the moment.

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