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tylersjeep 04-02-2013 12:26 PM

VOLTAGE question
I was wondering my 94 grand cherokee voltage is all over the place I started by checking grounds wire and cleaned them up and then took a voltage meter and set it to ohms my ground wire are reading 4 ohms with the car off and 10 ohms with the car running I also tested the grounds with voltage and they read 4-2 volts with the car running, I also with went through the car continuity tester and tested the ground wire and it read continuity on both grounds I checked all the fuses and it was fine I have a open circuit on the ac compressor so pulled the relay. I also replaced the alternator due to the voltage dropping to 12.80 volts in the rain. I would like mention I have a bad ambient temper sensor went to start the car today will it was 40 outside and the temp gauge read 120F outside. my voltage in my car is really odd, the alternator is putting out 13.80 volts and the batter says 13.08 volts and some times my alternator will read 13.30 and the battery will say 12.98 volts. also when I start the car its at 14.00 volts and then when I shut it off and turn it back on I get 13.00 volts what is the deal with this voltage its like 12.80-13.08-13.50-14.00 volts

Compgeek789 04-02-2013 06:22 PM

Typically the volt reading depends on if you have something hooked up. Do you have anything such as a subwoofer? Also, I had a problem with my volts doing that. I think a new PCM did the trick. Also, check for any shorts that could be showing up at certain times, and try to see if there are any patterns when your voltage drops, like it goes down when something turns on.

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