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spichman510 04-27-2003 08:10 PM

Think i found one
I think ive found a good 98 5.9 and im very excited. The link is long but here it is.

im wondering. i wanted black, but silver is awsome and i was wondering which yall think is better and anything i need to know before the deal?

finally, what should i do first, Lift or sound?

Texas ZJ1 04-28-2003 05:39 AM

1. lift
2. armor
3. sound

If you put a sound system in and then lift it, you'll get a different sound because of the tires that you'll also buy. SO, get the lift first and then the sound.


JeepStangGuy 04-28-2003 09:48 AM

We took a black 5.9 in on trade a week or so ago up here in the NW but that may be too far for you


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