Is there any way a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo could make a 3,000 mile trip? -
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Is there any way a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo could make a 3,000 mile trip?

I haven't filled out my information yet but I wanted to know if it was even remotely possible before doing so. I'm not a car person and this was a hand me down.

I'm trying to move to California from Indiana and if I can't take this Jeep then it will be another six months before I can do so. Both my uncle, an ex-mechanic, and my dad say they can't see it happening.

It runs fine despite a few issues over the past few months. It started smoking from behind the steering wheel on one occasion and on another a high pressure hose busted and had to be replaced.

Sorry for the lack of info but I just wanted to know if there was even any hope.

(Also I just presumed it was ZJ since it is a 1993 Grand Cherokee Laredo. If I'm in the wrong section sorry about that).

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You're better off selling it and getting one with the Cali emissions factory installed.
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Year is not the issue... The overall condition is what matters. I've driven my '89 YJ on 35s cross country 5 times, twice with over 200k on the engine/tranny. Getting the rig registered in Cali is going to be the challenge. Better off selling it where you are and getting something else in Cali

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Overall condition is the important part

But if you intend on living there you need a jeep with cali emissions on it. It's expensive and difficult to convert. OBD1 probably easier than OBD2 though.

Either way, if you want to do it, it needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. ALL lines, hoses, connectors, fluids, and(miles depending) i would rebuild the trans, check the rears, T-case, and if it's solid i'd do it.
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Have a smart phone? If so Id go for it. Im willing to bet if you broke down along the way most members here would go out of there way to help you out. If not... Pad the bank account a little and go for it. Adventure of a lifetime.

Rust never sleeps...
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It's trying to tell you not to move to California.
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Sell it there and buy a plane ticket. If you're a Jeep guy you can get a decent ZJ for $1500 once you're here. Like others said already, it'll be too expensive to convert to Kalifornia standards. Sell it running as is and get some money in your pocket, or chance it and possibly end up with nothing, and if it did make it prepare to fork over more cash for conversions. No-brainer really, unless of course it has sentimental value.
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California emissions aside, I drove from Austin, TX to Greensboro, NC (1,300 miles) and towed my sister's Probe back loaded down with all her stuff with my 93 about two years ago. It has 265000 on it now but the trans is a junkyard piece with about 160000 on it. No issues, still going strong.
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Age like said isn't the issue... its how well the Jeep is running.. I've seen plenty of 98's that couldn't even make it out of the neighborhood lol... our 4.0 has 204k miles on it, and it drove 2 1600 mile trips just fine.. Was quiet as a whistle, a/c works fine so forth
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I just drove my ZJ 1000 Miles a month ago with 210k on Orig Engine/Tranny so it can be done (even managed to squeeze 20mpg). But as stated, if your moving to Cali, I would try to get a car in Cali for emissions AND it will be less rusty. Cali cars tend to be more desired because of the mild climate and lack of salt on the roads in the winter.
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I'll agree. Move to Nevada, or Oregon. Just drive in to Cali when you have to. Don't move to Cali.

3K Miles on a ZJ is nothing. So long as it's Maintained. Remember Oil every 3-5K, Tranny, Spark Plugs, and dif fluids every 25-30K. Radiator check every 6 months and A/C Service every spring. Also Windshield Washer fluid when you get gas, and blades every 6 months(sooner IF streaking occurs).
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I got my 96 ZJ 8 months ago and have been wheeling it hard and still dropped 40,000 miles on it. It can be done for sure
Just heavily inspect everything.
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If the basic maintenance has been done during the past years I see absolutely no reason for a vehicle to not make a 3000 mile trip. If it's had a poor maintenance history, I'd stay within a couple miles from home/ garage I did a 2500 mile trip with my 18 year old lifted XJ a couple years ago, carrying four people, four downhill bikes + all the gear for a 1-week trip. I wasn't even doubting doing the roadtrip since I knew the condition of the vehicle being used.

I don't know about the specifics on cali emissions, but as far as I know you basically need the vehicle to have cali emissions package on it to be able to register it there.

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I'm driving to Colorado/Moab from Chicago on Saturday to wheel in a 97. I sure hope a zj can do a 3,000+ trip
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Things I would make sure are good. Radiator, hoses, belt, water pump, steering pump, alternator, starter and brakes. All of those can fail with out warning. Check oil/trans fluid regularly during your trip. Take a set of metric wrenches, sockets, channel locks, and screwdrivers. all of the things I mentioned can be fixed on the road pretty easy. How's your karma ?
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