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gabrod72 11-24-2008 10:50 PM

Taurus E-Fan Install
Just thought I'd do a small write-up on my Taurus E-Fan install on my 1993 4.0 ZJ. Not that there aren't some already intensive write-ups out there already but most lacked a few things I thought I'd point out.

1. The clutch fan is held on by dual threaded rods or bolt like thingies that screw into the water pump disc located behind the water pump pulley.

2. Removing the fan nuts is a pain and you will need at least one 13mm wrench... or you can get creative and use a narrow crescent and a flathead screwdriver which is what I had to do.

3. You will need to find some .5inch (I think it was size 10) bolts to hold the water pump pulley in place after the fan is removed.

4. The Taurus fan barely fits. Once all is said and done there is only about .75" of clearance between it and the water pump pulley. This means putting it in and taking it out will require you to pull the loosened radiator with one hand and manuever the fan with the other. To be thorough and measure everything I had to do this about 10 times.... doesn't sound bad but it took about 2 minutes average either in or out each time (HAH! I didn't bust any of my fngers because I took my time!) That adds up to about 40 minutes just playing with getting it in and out.

5. It did not "Clip In" on mine. Aftermarket radiator seemed to hold it at the bottom after I cut a plastic tab from the e-fan shroud (it is the one that sticks out in the center.) Problem was that I was not personally comfortable with this set-up since there was too much distance from the radiator to the fan itself.

6. The fan does snap in to the sides of the radiator - kinda. Some trimming is in order to get it to actually do this. If the fan is mounted upside down you will need to cut the part that sicks out on the left towards the battery.

7. After all of the above, I decided to mount the e-fan with pre-drilled metal strap at four locations - bottom two radiator clips were removed to make room for straps to snake through and standard top end install using the same type of strap.

8. Wiring was a breeze and I used two Dorman 30A relays (Part # 84601 at O-reilley's) and they are rated to hold up to both high and low speed. Time will tell on this one but I actually contacted the motor MFG and got an e-mail from them stating that standard full time 30A relays will work. I soldered everything for robustness and to decrease any resistance that may contribute to early relay failure.

9. Three position switch was mounted on the panel just under the wiper controls. This requires drilling a .5" hole and snapping/ breaking some plastic that is located behind it. The plastic had to be trimmed behind the panel as it would have gotten in the way of the switch wiring.

10. I temporarily mounted the realys behind the passenger headlight with super sticky double sided tape that I had lying around. I will "upgrade" this mounting to a pair of self tapping screws but I need a sideways drill to get this done and I don't own one right now.... tisk, tisk - Something to add to the Christmas wish list eh?

11. I ran the fan on high and low for over .5 hours each and both relays were barely heating up (crossing fingers and I hope they last.) Seems they were the same temp as the battery so I think it was all due to normal radiated heat in the engine compartment.

12. Fan works great and was cheap....

Total cost: $30 for fan (OUCH!)
$5 miscellaneous wiring estimated cost (I had some laying around)
$6 per relay
$2 for bolts
$4 for the switch

So total was aorund $47 not including the beer :cheers2: I consumed while getting it together. Happy with it and will continue to read and happily mod my ZJ especially with any electrical stuff. Thanks JF!:2thumbsup:

Marcos 11-25-2008 06:32 AM

I'm considering adding an electric fan to my '93 4.0, and I thought it might help to swap out the water pump to the XJ pump, as it has a shorter nose. It should give you another 1/2" or so. Just thought I'd add.

gabrod72 11-25-2008 10:34 AM

I'm not sure there is that much room to be gained with a shorted nose. The pulley has to stick out the where it was at before since the belt is riding on it. Using a WP with a shorter nose would shift the pulley 1/2 inch toward the engine and may put unwanted stresses on the belt. Not 100% as I have not done this though.

-Joe- 11-25-2008 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by gabrod72 (Post 6062589)

1. The clutch fan is held on by dual threaded rods or bolt like thingies that screw into the water pump disc located behind the water pump pulley.

Love the description of "studs" :rofl:

Nice writeup though... But I guess I would rather stick with the clutch fan..

gabrod72 11-25-2008 02:00 PM

Yeah, I thought it was funny as I wrote it. Unfortunately it was still a sore spot for me since I was describing them as "all thread studs" to a friend of mine.... being that we both have worked in engineering, he let me have it since they aren't true all-thread due to the area that is left un threaded in the center.

BTW: I looked at the pulley during lunch and Marcos, I think you have a great idea (although I have not seen the XJ WP and pulley set up yet.)

The ZJ pulley sticks out over .5" past the belt. If the water pump from the XJ works, then it would be worth it to swap over. Here's a link to what mine looks like.... of course, now that I've removed the "STUDS" :D I have four short bolts in their place.

Marcos 11-25-2008 02:27 PM

Yeah, to the best of my knowledge, the XJ's pulley has the belt surface at the same distance from the engine, and is flat in front, instead of having the snout like the ZJ. So you would need the pump and pulley from an XJ.

In my case, I'll be using the 5.9 fan, which I think sticks out a bit further than the Taurus fan.

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