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Omglauraduh 09-22-2013 11:50 PM

Sold my ZJ
So the ZJ I bought broke down two days free I bought it, which was about two months ago. Broke my ankle and got out off work since then so I ran outta money to work on it. Initially spent around 300 on parts for it before this happened. Anyway, determines the computer was bad and I lost the only key I had to it. So I sold it today. Kinda sad cause I had high hopes for it. Maybe I'll own another one one day that will actually be a good one. If I do, I'll probably buy one new or just get a Wrangler. Anyway, it was a sad day to see it go in some ways. Ahh, on to the next one I guess lol.

Omglauraduh 09-22-2013 11:51 PM

After, not free -_-

Josef86 09-23-2013 12:12 AM

Man, I sold my ZJ in April. I thought it was long gone. Then I was hit by an uninsured motorist last month. My daily driver was totaled and I attained $23K of medical bills. And that's after I got a HUGE break for not having medical insurance.

I just got my Jeep back Saturday since it was still in the family. It runs and drives. But the guy I sold it to didn't pop the hood once and would turn the radio up to mask noises. And the electric fan isn't working. Which makes me wonder how many times it shut down on him.

Omglauraduh 09-23-2013 12:28 PM

Right. I was so pissed about mine. I bought it from my boyfriends ex-wife. They had it when they were married and so he's known the thing well for 7 years. I sold the car that I had (a civic) and my buddy that owned a car lot was supposed to sell me an eclipse. Well stuff happened with the eclipse and he couldn't sell it so I needed a cheap car quick (before I got put off work) and so my bf tells me about the jeep. His ex wife had it pawned. I paid for her to get it outta pawn and paid her for it. They both told me it was a good vehicle. But after all this, I talked to a friend that's known them pretty much their whole lives and he said they've been fighting the jeep for years. Apparently it's been doing this crap for four years. I was so mad at my bf. he denies it but I know it's true. He was just "sentimental" about it. So because of him, I have a broken ankle (because we only had his vehicle running and I had to pick him up from work), no job/income (work won't let me return til my ankles healed and I have to get surgery on it), and no vehicle as no help. I'm a single mom so this **** ain't working. I'm do mad at him about it I can't stand it.

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