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jbsj33p 03-19-2013 07:10 PM

Scraping/metallic rubbing noise past 2,000 rpm
Hey everyone! Ive got a weird noise I thought I would run by you guys since my searches have turned up nothing. So this weekend after replacing my cracked exhaust manifold I started getting a metallic rubbing/scraping noise at 2,000rpm only when in drive, the noise continues to get louder past 2,000 rpm. There is no sign of it in any other gear except drive which has made tracking down the source somewhat difficult. Speed and the gear its in has no effect on the noise and if you put it in neutral while rolling the noise is gone. Ive crawled under it ( in park of course) and poked and pulled on everything and re torqued the manifold bolts nothing appears to be lose. :confused:

A little info on my Jeep...
1993 Jeep ZJ Laredo 4wd
4.0l with AW4 auto and 181,600 miles
NP 231 transfer case
Regular oil changes, fluid changes and greasing

zander21510 03-19-2013 09:10 PM

Is your exhaust pipe anywhere near the drive shaft or moving parts? Check the whole pipe, it could have shifted further down near your rear axle. The indicator would be shiny scratches in the metal. It might even be someplace where it doesn't look like it would contact anything, maybe your engine is torquing hard and it moves your exhaust enough to touch something.

jbsj33p 03-20-2013 06:47 PM

After looking over my exhaust system today the only thing I found was that the head pipe is touching the oil pan which I am positive has always been like that since I got the Jeep and didn't make the noise, I was about to call it quits but as I was crawling out I noticed an indent on the head pipe in front of one of the bell housing bolts where it looks like it has been rubbing since the end of the bolt is a little worn down too. I looks like this is where the noise is coming from, should I just put up with a little noise or is there any way I can correct it? Maybe a piece of cardboard between the pipe and the bell housing :laugh:

jbsj33p 04-02-2013 04:44 PM

Update: I had my exhaust system professionally redone so nothing is touching and everything is welded in tight, but the noise hasn't changed a bit, any ideas?

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