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jkonto 09-10-2004 04:31 PM

Rusty Oil Pan
I have a 1999 GC Limited with the 4.7 engine. I have noticed the pan was rusting when chaning the oil, actually it is quite bad, huge chunks of scale coming off. The pan is weak in some spots, to the point that I could probably push a screwdriver through it.

First, has anyone encountered this before??

Second, I need an opinion. I bought the Jeep used, but it came with a 80k powertrain warranty, which specifically includes the oil pan. The dealer will not cover it, stating rust is not covered. I say Bull. I question what part of the oil pan is covered and they state malfunction. Umm, how does an oil pan malfunction, Oh, I know RUST!! They said if it were leaking, then it would be covered. So it seems they would rather me wait until it rusts all the way through, leak all the oil, blow the motor, and replace the whole motor. They did not like that scenario. What do you think, should this be covered. I certainly think so.

driabyor 09-10-2004 06:55 PM

auto and insurance people are both crooks!!!!! so you probably have to fight for it

jkonto 09-11-2004 07:06 AM

Oh, I will be fighting it. Anyone know how to get the regional managers phone number for a particualr area?

The time now is 01:58 AM.

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