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Jones 08-08-2010 10:20 PM

Rules and Guidelines for the ZJ Section

- Please try to keep your posts on topic. For this forum that means talking about ZJ's. The moderators will allow a certain amount of "off-topic" posts, but please do not push it.

- Swearing, flaming, slamming and spamming will not be tolerated. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines of this site will either be edited for content or will be deleted all-together. This is your only warning. Repeat offenders will find their login-id's and IP addresses banned from using


Pictures maybe posted with your messages. Please check the Registry Section for ideas on how to properly post the pictures that you wish for others to see

- Topics allowed include anything about interior modifications, exterior modifications, or any suspension or drivetrain question that pertains only to a ZJ, as well as various other ZJ-specific items.

- Posting of copywritten material (such as links to entire FSM's) is not allowed.

- There maybe long periods of time between people posting. Please do not post and repost your questions several times over as the answers are not always immediate. Some people will refrain from answering questions even after reading them if they cannot prove their points of view.

- Posts that are nothing but "padding" the post-count (ie: "I agree") will not be tolerated for long. If you agree, say so, but please add more to the discussion, you do have opinions that you can share! Also, do not respond with only "use the search". Provide a link or something useful to the thread, otherwise do not bother to post.

- As times and members change with this group, some questions maybe asked over and over again. For the oldtimers, please be patient with those who are new. Replying and only saying "use the search" is not acceptable as mentioned above. To those who are new, you can search the online databases for answers to your questions. If you feel the answers found do not satisfy you, please post your question here. Sometimes the answers you are looking for may be in other sections.

- Intentionally bypassing the language filter so as to allow others to easily read a banned word by typing key letters with asterisks etc. taking the place of some letters is a bannable offense. This is a family-friendly forum so please watch your language.

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