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Jones 01-05-2009 01:29 AM

ROTM Rules and Guidelines
Please read ALL before entering. If you do not follow these guidelines, your entry will be rejected.

Anyone is welcome to submit an entry as long as it is a modified ZJ or WJ. Only entries that are considerably modified or in some way unique will be accepted. If you are submitting a stock Grand Cherokee that does not stand out in some way, it will not make it to the poll. If you have any considerable custom modifications and good photographs your rig will be accepted.

ROTM Submissions will be accepted no sooner then the 15th of each month. On or near the 15th, I will post a new thread announcing that submissions are being accepted and I will post the email address you are to send the submission to. Please fill out the info below, send an email AND post your rig in the Submissions thread. We are using an email address system in case a mod is not present to copy the submissions to the voting thread.

The latest you can submit your entry is the 24th of the month. The voting will begin on the 25th of each month and the winner will be declared on the 1st.

There will be a maximum of 15 entries accepted for the contest on a first come first serve basis. If yours is not entered in time feel free to enter the following month. If 15 rigs are not submitted before the 24th of that month the contest will go on with however many entries I receive.

To submit your own jeep for the contest you would need to simply send me:

1. Your JeepForum username.
2. List of specs and modifications in this format.

Other Notable Mod’s:.
Favorite Mod:
Least Favorite Mod:
Favorite Trail:
Best Trail Carnage:

Build Thread:
(if you have one)

3. The URLs to two pictures of your jeep. (I will not accept more then two pictures)

Entries that do not follow the guidelines above will be rejected.

If your Grand Cherokee is voted a winner for the ROTM, it cannot be re-entered for a period of 12 months from the month that you won.

Prize: The winner will be featured in the ZJ & WJ Technical Forum for the month they won. The winner will also receive 3 quarts of Amsoil's Severe Gear SVG 75W-90 fluid courtesy of Ridin' Around.

The time now is 12:18 PM.

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