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Rockingdad 09-11-2013 04:13 PM

RockingDad's Rebuild/Buld thread.... A relative novice
Hi Everyone,

As I have the axle sitting in the shed with work underway to swap it out on the Jeep I thought I would start my rebuild/build thread for prosperity. I know my way around a spanner but am really from an automotive point a relative novice and never though I would ever attempt axle swaps and the like.

My GC is a 98 I6 Limited with currently 187k on the clock. I bought it cheap a little over four years ago now and it was pretty unloved. I have had the waterpump changed and the first work I did myself on the Jeep was the cardon joint and bearing on the front drive shaft and the U joints on the rear.

I've added a front push bar and modified side bars from a toyota Hi Lux to go on:

The one thing that always bugged me was the whine on the rear axle which was constant.

What I've done so far (and will add details on some things as I go)

Replaced Water pump
Dive shaft U joints and bearing replaced
CB Installed
Modified side bars fitted
Tow bar fitted and wired in
Tinted windows
Designed and made my own customer roof rack.

But now is the time to get a bit more into the jeep. What kicked the build of was a PITA window problem when on holiday and It was get rid of the Jeep or spend money on it.. I just couldn't sell it. So I thought about what I was going to do.

I need to the following

Replace front drivers seat (Leather split).
Replace rear speakers (blown).
Replace / Overhaul rear axle.
Repair rear window motor .
Sort out leak on transfer case.
Sort out leak at bottom or gearbox pan (possible sump seal).
Replace shocks (they have had it).
Replace rear lower and upper control arm bushes.
Replace the headlights due to corrosion.
Wire in roof rack lights.

I want to:

Put in a 2" BB lift for looks, nominal off roading and to get through floods in the area with a little more comfort.
Put a winch on the front (Make my own version of the rough country bolt on tray).
Fit a snorkal air system.
Put in hi lift jack jacking points.

So..... stuff to do, most of which I have never attempted to here we go. I'll upload some pics and detail of the rear window repair tomorrow.


Rockingdad 09-14-2013 01:09 PM

Got the axle off the donor Jeep last week and got it into the garden on axle stands.

Stripped it back, cleaned down and a good coating of hammerite to make it look a bit better

Also in the post today my shocks and BB kit turned up from California, Yes I know some people will turn their nose up at Procomp but I can't get anything like them in this country and with a family, mortgage, etc and the fact this is my daily driver I wasn't going to go to hardcore. The cost of this kit shipped to the UK was at least half the cost of a standard set of shocks only in the UK.

Need to order the new lower control arms tonight and I'm about ready to fit the axle. and new shocks. I have the springs of the donor vehicle which has done 120k miles less than mine, are they likely to be less compressed than mine, would a measure of the unloaded spring let me know?

Also after replacing the rear driver window motor (see my other thread about that) I swapped out both rear infinity speakers for a newer pair which weren't shot. I have a 4 channel amp laying around so I'm going to perhaps run another pair off tweeters or 6x9s from that with a sub using the other two channels bridged.

Well thats all for now.


Snowfan2 09-15-2013 09:15 AM

Looking forward to hearing how your axle swap turns out.

riot1987 09-15-2013 10:10 AM

Clean looking rig. I like that color, I used to own a TSI with that same purple/blue color.

Rockingdad 09-15-2013 11:07 AM

Thanks, the pic was taken a couple of years ago and the paint on the whole isn't in too bad shape but it definately does need a good polish. The axle swap is certainly going to be interesting snowfan, certainly the biggest job i've attempted.

Rockingdad 09-15-2013 11:38 AM

While i'm waiting for the weather to improve to change out the axle, heres some pics of the roof rack I fabbed up. I've mounted an old ammo box on the roof to hold ropes, jump leads and that sort of stuff and I welded a specifc brace to utilise the exisiting spare wheel holder from the Jeep to hold the spare to the rack on the top.

You just can't get specific racks for Jeeps in the UK so I had a look at what was on offer in the US and designed my own, based on a design I liked and using some measurements provided by Li'l Jeep on this forum (cheers fella). If anyone wants the plan let me know and I'll dig it out.

I welded into some mount points (essentially bolts and the nuts keeps it on there) for my high lift jack and a central bit of bar which goes through one of the holes in the jack upright that a padlock goes through to lock it to the rack. The one thing I do need to work out is how i'm going to put in some jack points for the hi lift as I don't have a winch bumper!

There is enough space there for a 20l jerry can to be strapped in on each side of the spare wheel and I'll make up some locking brackets at some point to keep them secure on there (although it's illegal in the UK to have them full of fuel up there...trail only then :rolleyes:).

I painted the rack and ammo box in hammerite and welding in a hasp and staple to padlock it.

Four spots mounted on the front, I still have to wire them in though, I just can't decide where to route the cable into the cabin from.

I've got a work light to mount on the rear of the rack but i'm not sure how i'm going to do this at this point.

Cheers for reading everyone, all comments welcome.


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