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Traditional85 11-09-2013 11:56 AM

Replaced radiator, incorrect transmission fittings
I recently replaced my radiator in my 96 grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 with one that I had purchased at advanced auto parts,
this one. The transmission fitting for the new one is the incorrect size. The fitting is slightly too large for the transmission line to screw into it. I have been looking for the correct size but have had no luck. I'd rather not pay 80 bucks for a ten dollar fitting at the dealer. Anyone have any suggestions?

PolkaPower 11-09-2013 12:06 PM

Take that fitting off and screw on a 3/8 barbed fitting. Cut the end off the hose and put it on the barbed end with a hose clamp.

zjosh93 11-09-2013 12:25 PM

Take the radiator back and get the right one? I assume you mean the top fitting since the bottom one comes with the radiator. If the threads are wrong it's the wrong radiator. If they are any decent they should be able to look up the proper thread size in the illustrated catalog. Is the line you are trying to install stock. Always possible that a previous owner messed around with things. I see you are in Austin, if you have trouble finding the right parts you could call the guys over at Performance Radiator on Burnet Rd, they have good prices and know their stuff. When I sold parts we would buy from them and resell if we didn't stock something.

Traditional85 11-09-2013 01:57 PM

They said it was a direct replacement so I went with it. Installation was fine, just the upper fitting was a larger size than needed to connect to the upper connection. This vehicle has been in my family since 96 and I guarantee the lines are stock. I'll check performance radiator, I live right around the corner from them. I'll take photos of what I am working with once I get home from work. Thanks.

PolkaPower 11-09-2013 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Traditional85 (Post 17571377)
They said it was a direct replacement so I went with it. Installation was fine, just the upper fitting was a larger size than needed to connect to the upper connection. This vehicle has been in my family since 96 and I guarantee the lines are stock. I'll check performance radiator, I live right around the corner from them. I'll take photos of what I am working with once I get home from work. Thanks.

My stupid neighbor had the same problem. I found him with pliers trying to unscrew the fitting on the new radiator to use the one from the old one. He was un aware that it didn't come off and was stripping the threads lol. I gave him a 3/8 barbed fitting I had laying around and the problem was solved. Take a pic so we can see what we are dealing with.

AVR2 11-09-2013 08:37 PM

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Originally Posted by Traditional85 (Post 17569314)
I'd rather not pay 80 bucks for a ten dollar fitting at the dealer

There's no part you could buy at the dealer anyway. The fittings on the OEM radiators are an integral part of the construction and can't be removed.

I had the same problem; I had a handful of fittings supplied with the rad, and while all of them screwed into the rad without issue, none of them were the right size for the tube nut on the trans cooler line.

In the end I took off the trans cooler line (just removed the hose clamp at the cooler and pulled the line off) and took it and one of the supplied fittings to a local hydraulics shop and said "I need a single fitting that has *this* thread at one end and *this* thread at the other". They measured them both up and gave me exactly what I needed.

Uniblurb 11-10-2013 02:47 AM

Curious if the rad/box said "Tough One" or "Ready Rad" on it because I know they have both in one link and you don't know which one you're ordering online?

I installed the Ready Rad in my 96 4.0 last year. The top trans fitting was the correct thread for the OE line fitting. But the bottom quick-disconnect elbow line fitting was a nightmare. It stuck out to far where it hit the inside body/fender where I had to actually grind part of the body away to make room for the quick-disconnect line fitting to attach. Then filed/painted the body where I ground it down so it wouldn't rust.

I had called Advance and they said they sell a replacement quick-disconnect elbow but it's most likely exactly the same as the one in there. Went through the exact same crap on my son's 96 4.0 XJ where I had to grind part of the body away for the bottom trans elbow to fit since it stuck out too far. These elbows also had to sharp of a bend in them and wondered if it wouldn't restrict the ATF flow? Not sure if they ever fixed this bottom flawed elbow design or not?

coralman 11-10-2013 04:43 AM

They probaly just change the name on the box Uni. Last one I got from advance had a totally different name a few years back. Once the company logs enough returns that they figure " word of mouth" affects sales another "brand" mystically happens. I just got fed up with aftermarket radiators, period. I believe one of them had the correct female fitting but would not seal at the wall of the radiator. The bulkhead fitting that screws directly into the cooler,just would not seal. Another one was a hose problem, not a radiator problem.The hose fitting male flare was deformed enough that it would seal against the female fitting. Eventually, over several brands, I just got a Valeo radiator, OE not OEM. All has been well for over a year.

Uniblurb 11-10-2013 05:48 AM

You're probably right Coralman and makes sense. Could be like batteries where a few manufactures make the cheap radiators for parts stores with just different brand names. I've also read about deformed fittings on those Advance rads having leaks and can see why you went to a better one. Think I've also had problems with the Autozone rads.

As far as cooling goes I've never had problems with them not cooling to spec if you can get past all the installation alterations and don't have leaks. On those Advance rads I've also had to alter the bottom slots the fan shroud/e-fan housing tabs fits in with tin-snips and a hacksaw. Then had to paint the metal where I made the cuts so it doesn't rust. Agree, it's just not worth it and where did you buy your Valeo rad?

coralman 11-10-2013 07:45 AM

Came in the Mopar box:). But they are available elsewhere.

Pricey is a mild word, but after repeatedly changing aftermarkets i said" this ain't fun anymore" and bit the bullet. Used to be in the aftermarket they stamped the box"reboxed" if a part was put in a relabeled container. Don't think thats the case anymore. If chicken sent from here to china to be processed and then sent back for americans to consume with no label stating that has been done, auto parts don't stand a chance. Not that I ever ate chicken nuggets or tenders but its worth thinking about. I guess if you open the bag and a cloud of smoke comes out{smog} might not oughta eat them.

Uniblurb 11-11-2013 05:45 AM

You keep putting all those high-quality OE/Mopar parts on your Jeep coralman pretty soon you'll have a brand new 98 ZJ! :) Yep, that Valeo read does look like a real good'un w/a double row core.

LOL, about smog coming out of the bag of chicken nuggets. I have a hard time even finding a dry dog food that doesn't have that processed Chinese chicken in it and who knows what alls in it??

When I took forestry classes in collage many moons ago we studied forest products. Dark walnut veneers where the rave back then rather than the lighter oak we see a lot of now. The US manufactures cut this walnut veneer to either 1/8" or 1/16" thicknesses. The Germans bought every bit of it, shipped it clear back to Germany by boat, cut that thickness in half, then brought it back to the US to sell it right back to us while making a fortune! And in another case we couldn't build any bowling alleys because the Japanese discovered bowling and bought every piece of hard maple they construct the lanes out of from the US manufacturers. OT but just some trivia...

zjosh93 11-13-2013 04:44 PM

Weird, I have an Autozone Ready-Rad in my 93. The top fitting had the right thread, the lower fitting was the same as the stock, and the fan mounts matched. It's been in there for four or five years with no issues.

coralman 11-13-2013 05:22 PM

Josh I think its just a crapshoot. I noticed the crimp length differences between manufacturers and it all rest on tolerances and cost, and quality control. Good batches, bad batches are probaly across all lines. An example I encountered this week was a mopar heater core{ now made in TAIWAN} that every online mopar dealer loves to push. I ordered one from such and when I got it, it looked odd. Was fairly certain the exit point of my old lines were pretty much horizontally inline. It had an off set that was incorrect and the two runs touched each other further torwards the core{ a bad error}. Guy wasn't hip on taking it back { he didn't refuse but said he hadn't had any problems} until I ordered another same part number from a different dealer and even though that one wasn't perfect it varied wildly from the first. Started offering to send pics to the original dealer and all opposition ended on taking it back. Quality control. I will still have to very carefully tweak the latter abit to get it right. If they are not correct or "sprung" the tube/core hold down clamp will attempt to correct that putting the lines under tension and prompting early failure.

Spectra,uses the swivel tube affair, I think, which just plain creeps me out, after viewing ALOT of product pics arrived at the conclusion most were just as bad or worse. Some had pics of the product with obvious failures in production still selling it.

zjosh93 11-13-2013 05:27 PM

I did the same thing for my heater core. Found one without the swivel joints and carefully tweaked the tubes to make sure there was no stress on the brazed joints.

I hate quality control issues like that. I see it a lot at Harbor Freight. A bin of tools will have a bunch with obvious casting flaws, incorrectly drilled holes, bad rivets, etc. No reason for it.

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