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hdrocknroll 04-04-2012 02:02 AM

Remy New Alternator - 90 Amps,Good or Bad
Remy New Alternator - 90 Amps,Good or Bad ,replacement for a 4.0 ??
Limited Lifetime Warranty $80 w discount.
Don't have a need for a high output.

5-90 04-04-2012 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by hdrocknroll (Post 13355394)
Remy New Alternator - 90 Amps,Good or Bad ,replacement for a 4.0 ??
Limited Lifetime Warranty $80 w discount.
Don't have a need for a high output.

A little more, please...

"Remy" usually means "Delco-Remy" - or ACDelco, the GM Flagship brand. (Nothin' wrong with that!)

The most common Delco alternators in use are the SI series (early internally-regulated units, use two 1/4" spade-style quick-connects in a single plug for the "sense" leads) or the CS series (uses a funky version of a four-pole - 1x4 - Delphi Weatherpack for the "sense" leads.) There is a later "AD" series, but it hasn't been used in Jeeps.

The SI was never used with the 6-242, although it was used in Jeeps by AMC (after the Motorola alternator, starting ca. 1976-1978, I think.)

The CS series (specifically, the CS-130) was used with the 6-242 1987-1990 in the XJ and MJ. It was replaced for 1991 with the Nippondenso alternator in various sizes and outputs - and the regulator circuit was moved from within the alternator to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module.)

If you have a ZJ, as indicated in your profile, the Delco will not be a direct swap for you - you have a Nippondenso. Assuming it's the 1995 ZJ, you should have the 90A Nippondenso - the later version will be a 117A (direct replacement, maybe with having to adapt the field coil terminals. 1999-up XJ w/4-150 or 6-242, 1997-1998 ZJ w/6-242 & optional heavy-duty 120A alternator, 1999-up TJ w/4-150 or 6-242: optional for 1999-2000, standard 2001-up.)

The 136A Nippondenso is also available to you, but it does require some grinding of the mounting area to make it fit (you end up having to remove about 1/4" of material from the engine bracketry - but that's not a big problem. It's because the armature is larger for the 136A unit.) Find this one in:
1997-1998 ZJ w/LA318 (optional)
1999-2004 WJ w/V8-287 (there is a Bosch version 1999-2000, watch for it. It won't fit readily.)

It is likely the connections for the field coil will have to be adapted here.

Again, I'm assuming it's the vehicle listed in your profile - even if you do fill out your profile, it is very helpful to specify the vehicle you're working on in your initial post. Why? Some people are working on vehicles not their own, and some of us have rather more than one vehicle. And, I don't like assuming.

Can you fit a Delco into the 1991-up Jeeps? Sure! But:
- You have to find sense leads to plug in the internal regulator in the Delco, OR
- You have to have the Delco set up as a "one-wire/self-exciting" unit.


- You will get a persistent CEL/MIL (I don't recall the code for ChryCo OBD-I or SAE OBD-II offhand, but it will be something like "Regulator Not Switching" - because the regulator circuit will no longer have any bearing on the alternator output, and the PCM will figure this out. It will throw a "hard" code at that point, and the presence of this code can and probably will cause you to fail any periodic inspections to which you are subject - and it can mask other problems in the early stages anyhow, unless you make a habit of running a code scanner on your vehicle at regular intervals. This isn't a bad idea - not all OBD DTCs will trigger the CEL/MIL, which is why I plug in an OBD-II code reader on my wife's car - 2005 Verona - roughly quarterly. Haven't caught anything, but that just means I've wasted five minutes every three months. I can live with that.)

Is answer question? Is an orange?:D

ratmonkey 04-04-2012 08:12 AM

i'd never replace a 90a with a 90a, at least get the 136.

dusterdude 04-04-2012 09:28 AM

Fyi,my 96 zj 4.0 came with a 136a

Mcclain61 04-04-2012 09:45 AM

My 97 came with a 117.... that's a fcked up amperage lol but yea don't go back with a 90117 that's underpowered

hdrocknroll 04-04-2012 11:12 AM

If I was working on a vehicle, other than the one shown in my Jeep information, I would say so..
I guess I should have asked a couple of other questions.
1:How can I tell by looking at the alternator what is currently on there?
2:What does the "95 4.0" comes stock with?

I looked at Like 8 or 10 different sources online for an alternator for my Jeep, and I don't even recall seeing a 136 amp listed, but I will look again if for no other reason but out of curiosity. . I did see some like 170 for $400.
The alternator I listed is, at different sources, listed as direct fit..
Because all of the alternator's listed for my Jeep were 90 amp, I assumed that's what it came with stock..

3: Main Question Here: So if it came with a 90 amp why do I need a higher output?
4:. I guess I should also ask what, and where, do I look for 136 amp alternator,???( to save me some time)

Mcclain61 04-04-2012 11:17 AM

Get a build sheet it will tell u what you have

hdrocknroll 04-04-2012 12:01 PM

Build sheet says, BARS 90 Amp Alternator.
I didn't realize that was listed,I guess I didn't look, because I didn't think it would be.Da

hdrocknroll 04-04-2012 12:23 PM

OK, I found some threads that answer some questions

ratmonkey 04-04-2012 04:34 PM

90a barely powers all accessories stock, the limited should have come with a 117. The more power on tap, the better.

E-rok 04-04-2012 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by ratmonkey (Post 13356229)
i'd never replace a 90a with a 90a, at least get the 136.


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