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turk 10-14-2002 04:23 PM

Rear hatch for a 98 ZJ Char gold 2
Hey all,

Get this, I just move to Massachusetts in September and I moved closer to where I work this past Saturday. My jeep was parked away fro high traffic areas of a parking lot where I rented a ryder truck to move my stuff. I brought the truck back and go to get in my Jeep and a note fell out of the door and said "i hit you, so sorry". he guy left his name and number and we are trying to get the ball rolling on the repairs. He hit the drivers side rear of my Jeep, took out the tail light (the actual lights are ok, just the plastic is broken and missing) and he put a series of nice dents across the drivers side of the hatch. The rounded corner is dented and all. Probably need to get a new hatch. feeling it is just an honest accident, I am looking to find any place that is likely to have a hatch in very good shape that, at worst, needs repainted to match to keep cost down. I am not going to accept them trying to "repair" the hatch, it wont work nearly well enough!

BTW I am in Malden MA! Anyone near there drop me a line and we can get together sometime!


Digger196 10-14-2002 05:43 PM

i hit my friends 96 GC a while back and had to replace the outside panel on the liftgate. Very expensive!!! about 700 bucks. sucks for the guy that hit you...

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