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tjsgrecc 11-12-2007 07:41 AM

Pulling a U-HAUL Car Dolly???
Is U-haul going to let me use a car dolly behind my Jeep with the factory hitch to pull a 89 jeep wrangler behind it? I know they can be sticklers about letting people do stuff behind SUVs. I looked it up online and it says something about detaching the drive shaft and stuff. I am a little concerned. Has anyone ever rented one of these with there cherokee? Should i lie and tell them i am going to be using a new dodge 4500 :shhh: ?

Any help would be appreciated cause I don't want to make a 500 mile trip for nothing.

nashmd454 11-12-2007 07:53 AM

not really sure what you are asking...I rented a uhaul and a car trailer to tow my jeep. If you are looking at just the dolly (the one that lifts just the front up) then they might have a problem...seeing as how it is all 4 and not just the rears that turn. If it was me...I would rather have my jeep on a trailer and not justthe little dolly...more stable and less wear on the rig.

tjsgrecc 11-12-2007 08:03 AM

I here you on that... this thing doesn't run and i don't believe the front is even hooked up. it doesn't have actually jeep parts in it. It has a big transmission and an atlas II t-case. both haven't been turned over ever, i don't know if they are hooked up. i would like to get a full sized one if they are available but who knows thats why i was asking for recommendations. basically my friend and I are buying it and i am towing it home. whats the cheapest route for me to take?

edit: i dont think this thing even comes with seats in it and its all rusted out im sure but it does have a 258 I6 in it.

micifus 11-12-2007 08:13 AM

How far are you towing it? you need to compare how much it weight to how much your rated for. Just go with the stock weight of the wrangler.

tjsgrecc 11-12-2007 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by micifus
How far are you towing it? you need to compare how much it weight to how much your rated for. Just go with the stock weight of the wrangler.

a little over 400 miles on the interstate, it prolly dosnt weigh over 3500

BLACKzj52 11-12-2007 08:31 AM

if the front end of the wrangler isnt hooked up or the t-case is shifted into 2wd or nuetral u should be good

alivenkickin28 11-12-2007 08:38 AM

why buy it if its rusted out and doesnt even run???

tjsgrecc 11-12-2007 08:39 AM

ya i thought so also, i want to look into getting a full trailer but i am not sure on the availability of those or the price... im sure you guys are jealous that i will have a bomb a$$ wrangler soon.

tjsgrecc 11-12-2007 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by alivenkickin28
why buy it if its rusted out and doesnt even run???

its not really rusted out just a little around the hinges on the doors. it has new floor panels i just found out. we are going to be building a mud truck out of it so it doesn't matter what it looks like as we will be chopping the body off. it isn't going to be street legal I'm sure, maybe but, its all set up and ready to go for what we want to do. the engine runs its just not hooked up to the transmission atm.

anyway back to the original discussion about getting it home... if you want to read about the jeep check the YJ section in about a week.

Trouble Maker 11-12-2007 10:28 AM

Ran the #s through the uhaul site and it shows it as a recommended towing setup so shouldn't be a problem.

I used my 93 to pull a Grand Am home 2 weeks ago and they never batted an eye at my setup. Just make sure your trailer wiring works and stay to the recommended max 45 MPH:rofl: stated by the sticker on the tow dolly. Only problem I had was the unladen dolly flying a foot in the air over the bumps behind me, seemed it towed best about 75 MPH. That and the dolly sticks out a foot on either side of the GC, not fun on narrow streets in the city during rush hour.

tjsgrecc 11-12-2007 10:38 AM

well im only going to have to drive on 1-75 at about 75mph through flint and Detroit with possibly some snow/icy roads and over the Mackinac Bridge so it shouldn't be to bad :rofl:

ZJPunk98 11-12-2007 11:26 AM

I didn't read anyone's posts yet but I worked for Uhaul for two years and here is the deal:

You will be able to use the tow dolly if you are pulling with a grand cherokee or cherokee.

When they talk about detaching the drive shaft, Uhaul is referring to the vehicle being towed. A tow dolly only lifts the front end of the vehicle. So if your jeep (the one being towed) is all wheel drive they are saying you have to disconnect the the rear drive shaft. However that is plain stupid. All you need to do is put the jeep (being towed) in nuetral and it will tow fine.

I won't lie to them about what vehicle you are using to tow with, your jeep will do fine and is definitely capable of pulling that load.

edit: The auto movers (the full auto trailer) are too heavy to be pulled by any jeep. they are 2300lbs empty weight.

impuresoul2k3 11-12-2007 11:49 AM

I was going to say, when I picked up my Daytona, I had to use the car dolly with my ZJ because the full trailer was too heavy to pull with it loaded.

tjsgrecc 11-12-2007 12:00 PM

thanks Indpndntece thats the answer i was looking for... looks like i am going to be renting a dolly.

tubbyzj 11-12-2007 12:26 PM

well when i had my 88 xj i went to uhaul and got a trailer that was just under the biggest one they had i had the factory to package and they let me tow it all the way to pa i had the trailer it was i belive 2000lbs and then all my junk came out to be most likely 3100lbs and the jeep ran fine up hills and everything but braking wasnt fun but i got it to stop just plan your braking ahead of time all the extra weight effects braking

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