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jzoomer 05-05-2013 11:52 PM

proud New zj owner
Hello all, not new to JF.or jeeps however I just recently aquired my newest love which would be a 1998 5.2l Laredo Quadra-trac trans with the upcountry suspension package, body has about 250k motor and trans only around 170k in very good condition ( except the very saggy headliner)

Anywho figured I'd get my intro out of the way, I have great plans for this jeep and hope to get to share my experience with the zj fam and hope to gain some good info from everyone,

So far my shopping list it A LOT bigger than my wallet so the progress will be somewhat slow but worth it, I'm not going to be "mudding" this jeep as I have my others in the past however i will be doing some trail riding, essentially I want this jeep to do anything I want it to do with a smile

The beginning of my list starts with the Iro 5.5" critical path kit running 33" Goodyear Kevlar mtr's on jk moabs, arb's, more armor, rc winch plate, roof rack, assorted lights, cb/scanner, think line bottom half @ body line, keeping it simple and clean,

Not sure how to add photos from Mobile but ill try to get one up soon! :2thumbsup:

The time now is 03:31 PM.

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