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greenielk 06-28-2012 03:36 PM

Please Help! Possible Electrical Issue??
Dear Members,

First, I want to thank everyone. This is my first post, but everyone here has been so helpful in other posts that I usually get an answer by searching past threads...but i am at my wits end!!! I also apologize in advance for the length of this..but i want to give as much info as possible....
I have a 1993 Limited (4.0). Currently, I can lock the doors, but the alarm (OEM) won't arm and the interior lights stay on. I have just recently experienced a tremendous amount of problems with my charging system--alternator was replaced (2X) and battery(3X)--before the garage decided to replace the PCM. They said the alternator was jumping from 8-19 it had to be the PCM. This turned out to be a free PCM for me because after installing they could not get the "maintenance required" light to go out. So new PCM, new alternator, new battery.
I tried taking out the alarm by removing the dash..but this did not seem to work...someone suggested that the jeep needed to be running when the alarm "box" was removed--I have not tried this. I wanted to remove the alarm because it had been giving me fits--working, not working...which i understand is common.

I do not have a lot of mechanical experience ( I am a girl--be patient please..i am learning);)

Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much!

I guess what I want to know is what is going on? Could there be a short somewhere? is the alarm causing all the problems? How do I get rid of the damn thing??!! if there is a short how do I find it? (ok i will stop now...)

hezx 06-28-2012 03:51 PM

The whole lights thing staying on is common on these. From what I could remember. One of the door sensors isn't reading it closed or something??... also waiting for someone else to chime in.

But ill bump it for ya

xDJxJUSTx 06-28-2012 03:55 PM

Is it an EVS factory alarm under the driver side dash?

greenielk 06-28-2012 04:07 PM

when i took the dash off it was on the passenger the left of the glove box. I did this by following a post on the forum. Not sure what an EVS is...sorry

FFuries 06-28-2012 04:17 PM

The lights thing sounds like what my 96 Limited did. The inside lights would come on and at times the alarm would sound in the middle of the night. Would get a rear hatch open message when it was closed. Disconnected the rear hatch (Wiring) problem fixed sort of. Need to fix it correctly, but at least the alarm isn't going off at 0300 any more and it isn't killing my battery either.

So I'm thinking as already stated sticking or bad door sensor.

USAF Retired

Canyon411 06-28-2012 11:38 PM

Are you getting any messages on the vehicle information center (vic) showing doors ajar when they are really closed as suggested earlier? Try pressing in on the door pin switches (in the hinge area of each door half way up on the vehicle side of the door jam) and see if the lights go out. The hatch does not have a pin switch per say. This would be a little harder to diagnose. What are you currently doing to turn the lights off so your battery doesn't run dead after a short time?

When you say you "tried" to take the alarm out, what do you mean by that? Are there sheds of what used to be a harness dangling from under the glovebox when you went all "hulk no like alarm, hulk smash :fistlaugh:" or was there nothing actually removed and the alarm is still there and plugged in.

greenielk 07-22-2012 04:14 PM

Well, first...I did not go in "all Hulk"...I very nicely took the dash apart and with equal care removed the alarm "box". By removed, I mean I unplugged it..I did not cut wires. I put dash back together. When everything was all together, I started the engine (ran fine). Turned it off, locked the doors (by the interior electric door lock), and much to my surprise the security alarm armed! So I took the dash back off, but the alarm box back and lived with it. So now an update....the alarm seems to be in working order but now i have a maintenance required light that is on and will not go out. Local mechanics..PEP BOYS ...can't seem to figure it out.

The time now is 09:30 AM.

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