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97JGCOrvis 07-01-2012 04:21 PM

please help 97 jeep orvis starting problems and vic issue
ok so heres the deal this is gonna probably be long and drawn out but all necessary so please bear with me

97 jeep orvis 5.2 v8 mopar tranny

ok so 3 weeks ago my jeep overheated blowing all the coolant out of my overflow so i changed my thermostat ran great for 3 weeks didnt overheat at all then bam on my way out of town over heated again blowing it all out the overflow again so this time i went to a shop u.s. muffler in lima oh to be exact and they recommended changing my thermostat (even though i told them i just changed it mind you when it overheated this time it was 104 degrees outside) so 160 bucks later i left ran fine 2 days ago my vic(which always said 'bad coolant sensor' the famous solder issue) started flickering in and out and sometimes staying on but lighting all the display so appearing that all my doors were open and everything was malfunctioning. going to order a new vic but till then can i unhook the vic completely or will this cause problems.

and then last night it wouldnt start unless i pumped the pedal as i turned it over but once i got it started it ran (also forgot to mention was throwing codes 12/21/55 battery reset which i did on purpose and i believe an o2 sensor code is 21 not sure what one) and when i went to start it today it had to be pumped again but repeatedly stalled out but with anger and persisted i got it to run but definitely sounded shaky for a while took it for a test drive round the block stalled as soon as i let off the gas at the first turn promptly started right back up then stalled again at the next stop but ran fine on the 3rd and 4th stops

please any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated :cheers:

edit- had a new fan motor put in so dont believe it was that i dint put it in but the mechanic said it looked new not sure if its a bad water pump to cause overheating dont know how to test that, and the stalling i have no idea but help would be great

97JGCOrvis 07-01-2012 05:52 PM

been reading through posts is this a possible cps issue? im talking to myself lol

JasonStebbins 07-01-2012 06:58 PM

As for the coolant reservoir, have you replaced the radiator cap? 18lbs.

As for the VIC, don't spend hundreds of dollars on a new one. It's not even useful. Just unplug it and use the space for storage like I did. :D

As for the starting/stalling problem, sounds like the ignition coil, CPS or ECM. Try wiggling the 3 connectors to the ECM while running. If there is any change in idle, you need to tighten the connections with zip ties or replace it.

If you have a bad upstream o2 sensor, get it replaced. It will cause the Jeep to run rich/lean causing bad mileage.

97JGCOrvis 07-01-2012 09:39 PM

stupid question but are you referring to the emissions control module or the electronic control module and i have no idea where its at lol

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