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Texas ZJ1 07-28-2012 02:01 PM

New Guys listen up.
If you haven't read through the faqs pages or the lifted zjs pics yet, do so. It'll help you and us. Please fill out you profile and that'll help us help you.

If someone..the mythical "they" have discussed f150 coils, xj brackets or leaf spring rear specific and tell us who that user is. ZJs aren't new and there are a couple of ways to get things done. However, after almost twenty years, the mods and some senior users are here to help.

We've had a rash of really bad info being shoveled out. If you have questions, please ask. Just read the faqs before to see if you can self-correct beforehand.

The following are the "Rules" of These rules are not etched in stone and can be added to at any time without notice so please check back often. It is your job as a Member to know the up to date rules.

If you have questions about the forum please first consult the software FAQ or the JeepForum FAQ:

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Golden Rule - Respect Yourself & Others
- Respect yourself and respect others, else you will be banned without warning and the ban will never be released.

Keep This A Family Forum
- Topics allowed include anything PG-13.(at moderators discretion) No X-Rated pictures, jokes etc. No racist remarks, gender remarks, nor sexual preference slams etc. You will be banned without warning. There will be no tolerance on this.

No Swearing or Flaming
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Defeating the Censor
Defeating the language filter (censor) will result in the post or thread being edited and the user banned. Do not alter words/letters to try and spell the word out. Let the censor do its job. Spelling something wrong is no excuse.

- There is a search function, use it often! ( )

Do Not Pad!
- Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such. This only serves to clutter the forums.
Remember this rule to all those posting "First" and the like.

Locked or Deleted Posts
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Leave if You Don't Like It
- Leave the forum if you do not like the website. Staying here only to complain about how you do not like it will only get you banned.

Grow Some Thick Skin
- If you want to participate on an Internet forum then grow some thick skin. There are thousands of armchair quarterbacks ready to pick you apart. There is an ignore function through the forum software and in your head. Use it.


ratmonkey 07-28-2012 03:58 PM

help us help you, again. everyone should read this
new and intermediate users alike seem to love stumping us veterans and mods with their problems.
after all, that's got to be the only explanation for giving out half the required info to troubleshoot something, describing noises vaguely, and never filling in your jeep's information in your profile.

for starters, fill out EVERYTHING about your jeep. if you don't know something there is a wonderful FAQ thread HERE.

there is a lift/tire size chart in there as well. SOME people have gotten much larger tires to fit with small lifts by doing extreme amounts of cutting and bump stop extensions. along with other mods. but they're few and far between and it's not easy.
if you managed to fit tires larger than 30x9.5 on a completely stock zj, you better bring pictures of it in use. and your buddy didn't do it either unless you can provide those same pictures.

everything you ever wanted to know about a transfercase swap. no, your question isn't new and unique. it can all be found in this thread.

almost everything you can think of has been done as a modification to these vehicles, they're cheap and have been for a decade, so people have done every POSSIBLE mod to them already. if we say your hare brained scheme isn't going to work, it's because some of us that have been here a long time have already seen the results of your hare brained ideas. don't ruin your daily driver or waste your time.

a quick search in google, on youtube, or through the forum(yeah, the free user seach isn't very good here, but it works) will net you all the information you could ever want about any regular maintenance or tune up procedure.
there are almost no unique and unsolvable problems with the engines in these things.
if you can't do it self guided then post up and we'll be happy to provide any help we can. but you need to step up and provide information.
if you have a problem you need to tell us EXACTLY what the symptoms are and EXACTLY what other problems the jeep has, ALL OF THEM. YOU may not think they're related but more often than we'd like we end up troubleshooting an issue down one path for a week before the advice seeker chimes back in with the key to the puzzle he didn't think was related. if your CEL is on, post ALL OF THE CODES.
ALWAYS FIX EVERY OTHER PROBLEM BEFORE EMBARKING ON TROUBLESHOOTING A NEW ONE. i don't care if your O2 sensor has been "out for years, but that isn't the problem" fix it and your engine may stop the misfire it "just" developed. get it?
"i know my ball joints need replaced, but that's not causing my death wobble. i'll just throw an extra steering stabilizer at it". FIX THE PROBLEMS. don't bother posting if you want to argue the advice given. it's annoying.

and for the love of His Holy Noodly Appendages, don't just post "i have a grinding noise, what is it?" for all we know you have a bear stuck under your hood. describe the noise, does it go along with vehicle speed or engine speed? braking change it? turning in different directions change it? WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? front? back? side? roof? details are important people.

ratmonkey 07-29-2012 01:18 AM

you know no one reads the stickies.

Texas ZJ1 07-30-2012 08:13 PM

You do, FPKites, Keith.....

FPKites 08-04-2012 06:31 PM

I only read the good parts.

ratmonkey 12-04-2012 03:53 PM

once again, DETAILS PEOPLE. i feel like drinking.

Virmagicus 06-01-2013 08:23 AM

Seen a lot of this lately... Let's clean it up and respect each other! Getting tired of sending PM's, editing and deleting posts.

No Swearing or Flaming

- Swearing (defeating the automatic censor) flaming, and slamming will not be tolerated. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines of this site will either be edited for content or will be deleted all-together. This is your only warning.

Texas ZJ1 06-17-2013 06:10 PM

Stop texting and chatting in the pics pages or get your self some time off from JF.

The time now is 07:55 PM.

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