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eshew 06-27-2013 10:23 AM

Need help finding new lower rear control arms
So here is the situation. My 93 zj has some RE 3.5" rear springs and 15 year old procomp rear lower control arms with bushings that wear out every few years. I've used up all the replacement bushings I can find and am on the hunt for new more reliable rear control arms. The jeep gets taken on a yearly trip wheeling but Is a pavement pounder and my daily driver for the rest of the year. Does anyone have any recommendations on which rear lowers to buy? The need to have bushings that'll last on pavement with an Aussie locker which seems to stress the bushings a bit more than an unlocked rear. Thanks in advance!

lil_joe 06-27-2013 10:50 AM

Get with Kolak I just ordered a pair of front lowers from him

JohnnyZJ 06-27-2013 01:09 PM

IRO should be sufficient. bu tno guarantees those bushings aren't eaten away in a few years either...... something about the lifts and lockers just eat bushings?

eshew 06-28-2013 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by lil_joe (Post 15613814)
Get with Kolak I just ordered a pair of front lowers from him

Thanks for the advice lil joe! It's been about a decade since I made my 1st purchase through Kolak & I can't believe he slipped my mind.

I did contact him today and it looks like I'll be going with the Iron Rock rear adjustable lowers. Looks like they use the same huge rubber bushings similar if not the same as the stock arms. That should provide the durability I'm after. The Poly bushings in my old arms just deform over a short amount of time and lead to significant movement, popping and all sorts of trouble.

I can't wait to get these babies installed, looks like they'll match my JKS & Kevins track bars perfectly!

Thanks again guys, always a wealth of knowledge!

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