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kg6mov 11-25-2012 07:01 PM

N6MZV Build Thread (By kg6mov)
About time to start a build thread, but since it's 2012, and we're talking about a 1996 grand, we'll start with:


In june of 1996 my father purchased a green 1996 V8 Grand, first sold 10/95 (according to the book o' scribbles) we got it off a executive lease or something along those lines, low mileage, completely stock.

Purchased as a daily driver to replace a honda crx, after he saw another honda crx on the highway that an suv had used as a ramp killing the occupants of the crx.

Being a family of hams (hence the license plates and usernames) the first real mod that went into it was the radios (and the radar detector).

The original radios were a Yaesu FT-8100 (dual receive dual band) and an icom 706.

Two magmounts up front for the 2m/440 antennas, magmount on the back driver side for a 6m whip, and an outbacker spring with a hamstick mounted to the side of the trailer ball.

Eventually we replaced the mag mounts up front with nmo mounts drilled through the roof.

The control heads are mounted on the overhead console, custom speaker bracket puts one speaker between the post of the driver head rest and the other speaker sits at the top of the pillar between the front and rear door.

The 2m/440 radio is easy to hide, it sits under the driver side back seat right on top of the infinity amp. The HF rig was a bit harder, especially since we wanted to mount an SGC smartuner for the whip on the back. We ended up mounting both the radio and the tuner in the driver side window that is covered by the spare anyway. We cut a duplicate of the window and bolted to that, works pretty well.

Eventually the 8100 was swapped for an Icom 2720, and the 706 for an Icom 7000. Both great radios.

Those were the only intentional mods until I acquired it in 2008.

Of course there were a few unintentional things.

According to the book o' scribbles:

Got rear ended twice early on, one of the times the body shop didn't put the rear hatch lock back together properly.

Putting the tow hitch through the radiator of a honda did wonders for the alignment, ah well, unibody vehicle.

Transmission blew at 97k (late '03) something about the transmission cooler for the tow packade taking the transmission with it when it died, ah well.

Few other little things, water pump, power steering (a theme), ac, but nothing major.

Mostly it was a daily driver, occasional road trips or camping, or using it to pull out small palm trees.

(pics later tonight)

kg6mov 11-26-2012 08:06 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Pictures of things mentioned above.

Outbacker rear spring with a 9ft steel whip antenna:

Attachment 514359

Attachment 514360

Driver speaker mounts:

Attachment 514361

Radio control heads:

Attachment 514358

Icom 2720 under seat "mount":

Attachment 514356

Icom 7000 and Tuner mounts in rear side window (sadly unoccupied):

Attachment 514357

kg6mov 11-26-2012 09:13 PM

4 Attachment(s)
In 2008 my father downsized to a mini cooper s, with a roof rack so he could still do some things:

Attachment 514421

The jeep was passed on to me, and being teenagers we started doing stupid things with it

Attachment 514417

Well not all of them were stupid,

Attachment 514419

Ok some of it was pretty stupid.

Attachment 514418

Early on I kept it pretty much stock. I became an official reckless teenage driver rear ending a honda that had stopped at a green light, oops. Bashed in the front cross member enough to punch a hole in the radiator. Probably wouldn't have been as bad if I hadn't hit the brakes and made the nose dive. Got it fixed up, did a water pump around then too. Didn't know it at the time but the body shop that did the work didn't mount the radiator correctly because the cross member was bent too far in and they couldn't be bothered to bend it back out.

kg6mov 11-26-2012 10:08 PM

6 Attachment(s)
I didn't have the jeep long before I started lusting over new toys, well I firstly annoyed at the little broken things. The radio had long since decided that working buttons were overrated. Sure I could pull the head unit, take it apart, clean the contacts and switches, put it back together, pray, wait until the buttons stopped working in a few months. I could, but it would still be the 96' radio, with that weird speaker control joystick thing, and who uses cd's?

A better solution was needed, and was begged for.

And after a few threats to do it the wrong way myself...

For my birthday my father got me a new alpine iDA-X100 radio, installed too.

Wonderful little thing, as long as you don't want cd's. Best iPod interface I've ever met, and the installers made it work with the funny infinity amp under the back seats too.

Attachment 514475

I also got my hands on a garmin nuvi gps. Not a bad little thing, but the suction cup mount doesn't cut it. Took me a while to figure out where I wanted it, but after driving my fathers cooper and seeing where he mounted his nuvi, I knew where to put it.

Right here:

Attachment 514474

And how exactly do I do that?

My fathers suggestion of drywall screws went ignored, I wanted something that I could remove and have it leave no visible trace that it existed, maybe a few scratches at most.

What I ended up with was this (dashboard plastic removed for picture):

Attachment 514473

1" wide 1/6" or so thick aluminum bar bent into the right shape to slip between the dashboard plastic and the upper dashboard surround. Holed drilled so the screw holding the dashboard plastic in hold it in as well.

Have to cut the dashboard surround thing a little but it isn't visible with the plastic piece in:

Attachment 514472

I also have another mount for a touchscreen display I use sometimes with my radios for tracking weather balloons (see previous)

Attachment 514471

Goes in easy holds secure, heres a last shot of the dashboard reassembled:

Attachment 514476

kg6mov 11-27-2012 12:24 AM

Black rock adventures
8 Attachment(s)
In june of 2012 I got an offer from a friend to come out to the black rock desert in nevada and help with a rocket launch. Sounded like a good time, and a good chance to test some of my newer radio gear. The jeep had never been off road like this before and so I was excited.

Set up in camp:

Attachment 514559

I'm using the spare in that picture to weight the base of the collapsable antenna mast. The wind at night can get pretty wild so I just tied some of the bigger stuff to the hitch and slept in the back with the seats down.

Attachment 514560

At this point in its life the front bumper was coming loose on the passenger side. It wasn't repaired correctly by the shop after the accident back in '09, but it took a while for that to show. At this point I just had to push it back into place every few days of normal driving.

The rocket launch went great! We had all systems working and were able to track it all the way to the ground. Hopped into the jeep and my buddies subaru and went out to get it. Perfect landing.

The recovery team:

Attachment 514561

Recovery jeep:

Attachment 514562

Tossed the rocket in the back and climbed in to head back to camp. Started the jeep up, spun the steering wheel and *WHUMP* *WHUMP* *CLANG*

Attachment 514563

The discerning viewer may recognize that as the power steering pump pulley. Ooops.

My buddy was already back at camp, but thats what the radios are for!

Took a while to get somebody to tow me back, finally got somebody in a toyota pickup to haul out and get me. Oh, where are the tow points in a 96 grand?

There aren't any unless you have the upcountry package.

Guess who doesn't have the upcountry package.

So we wrapped the tow strap around the front axle and towed it 20 miles to the nearest town.

20 miles.

Of course the nearest town doesn't have a parts store, all they have is a junkyard with a couple of xj's, and the guy at the gas station and only service station doesn't think he has the proper pulley puller even if we had the part.

So call AAA, get somebody from the nearest town with a parts store to tow my *** back to civilization. 80 miles, thank god AAA towing is free up to 100 miles.

So I wait an hour for the tow truck to get in to town, get the jeep on the flatbed, and we drive to fernley nevada.

We get in late on saturday, not a mechanic to be found, walk in to the O'reilly and tell them my story so far.

The following conversation (that I will never forget) ensues between the employees,

"Well we don't have one, none of the shops in town do"

"He could try the junk yard in reno"

"How's he gonna get to reno dude?"

"Right, shop in the next county has one"

"Call them, now, have them drive it over here tomorrow"

And they did, the other shop agreed to have it there the next day. The tow truck driver who was waiting outside took me to two different motels (there was a rodeo in town) and I got the last room in fernley.

In the morning the tow truck driver came back and picked me and the jeep up and took us back to o'reilly. I waited there for the parts to arrive and searched on this forum for a way to hedge my bets in case it spat out the new pulley as well.

Found the proper size belt to use if bypassing the power steering pump. Learned from another thread how to change the belt (thank the lord I have a 5.2). Bought myself the smaller belt and a breaking bar to change belts with.

Around 3pm the pulley arrived, I borrowed the tool for it and set to work replacing the pulley, in the parking lot.

I didn't remove the power steering pump to replace the pulley, it's not easy to do it that way, but it can be done, and I didn't want to risk breaking the pump.

Looks like this:

Attachment 514565

I was using improvised tools:

Attachment 514564

But it worked.

It worked.

Attachment 514584

Thats the last picture I have, as soon as the pulley was on I tossed the belt on, asked one of the employees at o'reilly to give me a jump start and I was gone, back to california.

It survived the trip, kept running, got me home. Good jeep.

I would get to experience the joy of running with my bypass belt a few months later when the power steering pump bracket blew out. And again last week when it spit out the pulley again.

I can't say how much I am thankful for the tow truck driver, who drove me 80 miles and then all around town to make sure the jeep and I were safe. And the guys at O'reilly, I won't shop anywhere else now, the employees at that store were amazing.

I learned a few things,

I need to have a better backup plan than "tow it home"
I need to have tow points for when I can't get a real tow
I can fix the jeep! This was the first real repair I'd ever done, trial by fire.

kg6mov 11-27-2012 03:57 PM

Little things
5 Attachment(s)
A few little things I've done to make life nicer.

I've always had an extinguisher in the back, just in case. But for years it just sorta bounced around in the back. Which was fine until I noticed that the pin had bounced out and it was one wrong bounce from a cargo bay full of extinguisher.

I thought about bolting it in in back, but it's a bit hard to get to the back from the driver seat. If an extinguisher is going to be useful it might want to be accessible.

So the passenger seat was selected.

Attachment 514833

The mount is just a piece of 1/16 steel that bridges the gap between the seat rails. The extinguisher mount is then bolted to that.

Attachment 514834

Hasn't come loose, and most passengers don't even notice it. Haven't had to use the extinguisher yet, but I know exactly where it is if I do.

I like music, and the alpine head is nice, but still wasn't sounding great.

Figured it was time for new speakers, and with the mazda and the cooper both having subwoofers, I gave in to woofer-lust and bought a sub too.

The speakers I got were polk audio DB651's, we already put a pair in the cooper, and they sounded good there. Really lucked out and they came with mounting brackets to fit 6.75 that the jeep wants.

Gee, maybe the old speakers were a little worn out.

Attachment 514835

I didn't want to muck with power amps, I don't need huge thump, just a little bit more bottom end. So I went with the boss Bass-900 powered sub.

Fits under the rear seat just fine (once the jack is relocated)

Attachment 514831

Little bit of foam from the packaging at the front keeps it from moving/rattling

Attachment 514832

Power is from the line I already had running from the switched cigarette outlet to the back seats for the radio. Doesn't draw a lot of power even when cranked.

The alpine head has subwoofer outputs so it's just an rca cable running back to the sub to get audio, and I can control balance/volume from the head unit.

kg6mov 11-28-2012 01:44 PM

New bumper and radiator mount
8 Attachment(s)
This one will be a long one, with lots of pictures.

As shown in the black rock photos earlier the front bumper had been falling off for a while. It finally gave up completely coming home from work. Driving along and I hear something dragging. Went to put the bumper back on and the whole thing fell off.

Time for something new.

Looked around on the forums for ideas, lots of pretty, but expensive bumpers for sale, lots of good ideas for welding up a custom one.

But my welder is in LA, and I ain't.

A bunch of suggestions to just ignore the bumper cover completely, the cross member is technically the bumper anyway right? Sure I could explain that to the cop, but I'd rather have something that at least looks like a bumper. After the crash back in '09 my cross member is a little beat up anyway,

Attachment 515262

Actually a lot beat up,

Attachment 515263

Attachment 515264

Kinda wanted it done that night, this is my dd, have to drive to work in the morning. So off to home depot (yick) we go!

Really wish there was a good metal place around here, but I haven't found one. Home depots selection is unsurprisingly dismal, but in wandering around we came upon the roof flashing section.


4"x6"x10ft roof flashing is like $10 at home depot. Certainly worth a shot.

Got it home and started to test fit

Attachment 515265

Not bad, it actually extends down to the stock radiator mount we were able to rest it on the mount. Covers the horn and the charcoal canister.

Bending the corners

Attachment 515266

Notched the sides to slip over the posts for the stock bumper. If I was being fancy I could drill the side pieces so they actually hang on those posts.

Marking the sides

Attachment 515268

Trimmed the wheel well just a bit. Should give plenty of clearance.

The whole thing is attached with four sheet metal screws that are predrilled to the crossmember. Two in front and on on each side. The front screw on the passenger side also holds on side of the license plate. Bolt through the other mounting hole in the plate. Spray painted it flat black.

Finished (before paint):

Attachment 515269

I did this before I had jack stands, I would throw those wood blocks in front of the front wheels, pop it in 4lo and drive up onto them to give some room to work.

The wood blocks are actually from a previous adventure, we put them on top of 4 $20 home depot furniture dollies. We'd show up in the middle of the night with the dollies and floor jacks put my buddies pt cruiser on the dollies and move it across the street. It's scary how easy that stunt was.

But I digress.

In looking at the thing with the new bumper I decided to pull the trigger on getting one of kevins zj radiator mounts. This

I needed tow points anyway.

Got it in the mail. Took the bumper off, touched up the paint. Pulled the factory radiator support.

Um, that didn't seem mounted correctly.

Tried putting on kevins mount. No dice. Maybe I misread something on the website? Ordered the wrong thing? Nope. The radiator was too far back to work with the mount. Checked kevin's mount against the factory, looks right.

But if I try to push the radiator forward it hits the crossmember.

Oh, [sound of $0.01 hitting the floor] [expletive]

The body shop we took the jeep to after the crash in 09 hadn't mounted the new radiator correctly. The cross member was too bent and they didn't want to bend it back into shape I guess.

Of course kevin's mount should be just a bolt on upgrade so we were doing this on a weeknight, work in the morning, and there is no way in hell I'm going to drive with the radiator mounted wrong.

Can't hurt it now. Grabbed a 2x6 out of the shed and the biggest c clamp I have. Put the 2x6 across the cross member and started turning the clamp to try and bend the crossmember back into place. The 2x6 bent a little, the clamp didn't *want* to turn, but it did, and the crossmember was slowly brought back to straight.

Note, if you try this be careful you aren't clamping on the wire bundle that runs inside the crossmember.

Once the crossmember was back to straight and my loyalty to our local body shop completely gone the new radiator mount bolted right on. Looks great, and a few months later I get a thank you card from kevin for buying from him. His customer service is amazing, I'm looking to see how I can give him more of my money.

In the end it looks like this:

Attachment 515270

I haven't noticed any real rattling with the new bumper. The horn when I lock the car with the remote sounds different, but thats about it.

96zedjay 11-28-2012 05:17 PM

Hammin and Jeepin, I love it
73 de WG8Z

I dig AU 11-28-2012 09:52 PM


Originally Posted by 96zedjay (Post 14522578)
Hammin and Jeepin, I love it
73 de WG8Z

X2! :cheers2:

Black Rock area can be fun. We sometimes hunt gold out in that general area. Your right about the wind. Can be wicked out there. :D

73 de KI6NDA

kg6mov 11-29-2012 01:58 AM

HF mobile is great in the jeep, going down the coast to LA we make sure to pull over and see what we can hit with the hamstick. Japan is usually pretty easy, Australia/NZ once or twice depending on the bands.

Black rock was great, all things considered. Can't wait to go back and have just a little less fun.

73 de KG6MOV

PolkaPower 11-29-2012 08:43 AM

Nice work! You are very lucky with the power steering pulley. When I changed mine out the puller ripped the lip off of the metal sleeve and I had to break the pulley off then cut the metal sleeve off with a dremmel. On my 95 the pulley was made of metal.

kg6mov 11-29-2012 11:39 AM

Yep, the pre 96's had metal pulleys. I've thought about digging for one at the jy, but if there's something wrong with the steering (two pulleys and a bracket in 6 months, there is something wrong) I'd rather the pulley go than the box or pump.

PolkaPower 11-29-2012 12:45 PM

I'm also not sure if the pre 96 pulley will work correctly.

kg6mov 11-29-2012 12:57 PM

Somebody around here said they fit but idk. I'm off to the JY on saturday, need to replace the pathetic excuse for a plate that is the factory plastic front skid plate with a metal one. Maybe I'll have a look around and pull a metal pulley if I see one, the plastic ones are cheap but ain't nobody that stocks em! Also thinking of doing a durango or waggy box swap, see if that helps.

All this writing about my jeep and I'm itchin' to build some more, probably time to lift the thing and do some real tires.

How does your 2" lift ride? Are you running stock control arms? I could do a 2" lift and new 30's for about the same as the XJ I've been eyeing, and that would probably be a better move politically if I don't want to sleep on the couch.

PolkaPower 11-29-2012 01:01 PM

It's been just fine. I was out in Vegas when I put all the stuff on it and it did really well on the rocks and trails out there. Just enough clearance to not drag it much. You can fit 31's with a 2"BB. My tires measure 30.9 x 9.8" wide or 245x75 - 16. They are Guard Dogs. The height is fine with 31's it's just that if you get a 10.5" wide tire they rub on the control arms when turning so most people get wheel spacers or new rims with less back spacing. Mine rub a tiny bit at full lock but it's never bothered me.

The time now is 07:59 PM.

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