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Candymancan 07-08-2011 03:39 PM

My cold air intake
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So i was wonderign what you all think of it ? I took idea's other ppl did, and add'ed some of my own.

Its the spectre cone air filter, and i had to take some sheet metal and fab a way to where i could fold it to fit the 3 1/2 inchs diameter, basicly make a U shape on the ends and fold them into eachother and then rivet it together. So i could connect the filter and the tubing together, since home depot, low or any other store doesnt seem to sell 3 or 4 inch tubing only 2 inch.

Then i took some sheet metal and formed it around the filter, mounted it on with some brackets i made. Then of course painted it black, my only mistake was to cut a U shape where the air filter lays on. I should have cut a hole and put the piping through it but whatever. I went a JY and got some of that squishy rubber stuff on a old pickup and put it over top of the sheet metal to keep me from cutting myself. Since i made the height nearly perfect on the walls when i close the hood is touchs the top of the hood insulation and basicly seal it up pretty good.

Then i took some of that heat reflective insulation and wrapped the tubing going to the throttle body to help block off the heat from the exhaust and engine. I tested it after some runs and the temp is at least a good 40f cooler by feal. The insulation outside was HOT, the tubing used to be like that but instead it was just warm.

Then the front there was a rubber flap on the radiator where the old "horn" used to be from the stock box. I ripped that out to keep the hole open and allow more air in. I noticed tho with the grill off there were ways for air to move left and right behind the headlight and to the radiator itself. So i took the plastic from one of those 5 gallon whtie buckets. Cut it to the shape i wanted and then used a torch to melt the plastic so i could bend it to form. Then drilled some small holes in the black plastic behind the grill and screwd it in. Basicly now it scoops all the air directly to the air filter, no holes or coridoors for it to run through, all the air goes in now.

Here are the pictures.. The filter made the sound of the engine at WOT amazing, im sure you all know what it sounds like.. and i can deff feal a power increase. I have also gained 1mpg in gas mileage. My next project is to change the stock muffler, im thinking of getting a flowmmaster super 44, based on some of the 50's or higher i've heared the 44 seems to sound the best. Im not sure if i would have to change the piping to 3inchs or not tho as someone said it could pop a lot. We'll see

Buzz98zj 07-08-2011 05:42 PM

Man, your engine compartment is CLEAN! Lol

Candymancan 07-08-2011 05:53 PM

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Thanks but it actually isnt that clean, i did powerwash it and used 409 on everything 2 months ago, got a lot of grime and oil off things. Things i didnt even know were shiny metal lol. however its still all dusty and grimy in some parts. Not nearly as clean as i have seen some ppl's

KingtheZJ 07-08-2011 05:55 PM

looks good. nice work

Buzz98zj 07-08-2011 06:06 PM

Better than mine!!!

gothchick 07-09-2011 02:55 PM

I like the heat shielding on the intake tube. Looks good~ :-)

MineRunnerZJ 07-09-2011 04:17 PM

Looks great, just pull and paint the bucket pieces, although I doubt you can see them through the amazing niner grill.

Candymancan 07-09-2011 05:11 PM

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Originally Posted by MineRunnerZJ (Post 11831413)
Looks great, just pull and paint the bucket pieces, although I doubt you can see them through the amazing niner grill.

Thanks for the compliments.

Yea i thought about trying to paint it, but im not sure how the paint would hold up on the plastic, or if it would just run off or something. You can actually see it through the grill if you were looking.

MineRunnerZJ 07-09-2011 08:29 PM

I imagine some krylon fusion would work good if you roughed it up a bit!

rooster51 07-09-2011 09:02 PM

Looks really good, but you should close up that gap around the tube. Still, really nice.

Candymancan 07-09-2011 09:03 PM

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Yea i might cut a small peice and just rivet it on or something

Virmagicus 07-10-2011 01:35 AM

Not trying to bash or sound like an a** but did you make a tube out of a few pieces of 2" sheet metal and riveted it together? Or just the ends? If this is the case how does it not suck in dirty unfiltered air? All of this with the stock restrictive airhat?

Candymancan 07-10-2011 01:47 AM

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We use 1 and folded it together and used a strip with grooves to hammer into it. Its sealed down, im suprised you'd even think we'd allow cracks and holes to allow it to suck in air other then the air filter.... Like all of these cold air intakes people have where they use a metal pipe. Have you noticed they have like a rubber ring that goes around both ends that clamp down to form a air tight seal ? Thats basicly what we did on the ends.

Take this picture for example. See the rubber fittings he has around the ends of the pipe that meet together ? Thats basicly what i have cept not red

You know when you go to lows and buy a peice of metal air duct piping except the pipe is a flat peice and both ends have grooves in them that needs to be folded and snapped into to form a cylinder ? Thats what we basicly did we made that i garuntee you its air tight, the rivets were to make sure it didnt break loose or something. I didnt just fold sheet metal into a circle and rivet it lol. Yes its the stock 3 inch air hat, i dont have the money right now for a bigger one.

Take your fingers on both hands and form a U shape . Now take your hands and and grab the U shape and try to pull apart.

I'll take a picture of a small peice we made to test it out lemme go find it

Here is a crude pic i drew really quick. Do you get it now how we did it to make the pipe itself ?

Virmagicus 07-10-2011 02:35 AM


Originally Posted by Candymancan (Post 11833409)
Its sealed down, im suprised you'd even think we'd allow cracks and holes to allow it to suck in air other then the air filter....

Kind of hard to understand your method of madness by your description & i have a mechanical mind lol. I obviously was not thinking that you would not make it airtight on purpose. I thought i could possibly help or point out something you may have overlooked. Now for a real test. Can it hold water with or without pressure and not leak? :D

Candymancan 07-10-2011 11:37 AM

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Its an air duct it doesnt need to hold water under pressure. but im pretty sure it would. If you have a mechanical mind just look at the picture I drew you'll understand how we made the pipe itself with a peice of metal. Its simple. Make a pipe like that, hammer it down rivet it together so it doesnt break loose in case. Then use a rubber ring to connect both ends together and clamp it down. Its air tight, and my method isnt madness i just cant explain it. I could show you in person but i cant explain it very well

I cant find the test pipe we made, but your just gonna have to take my word for it, i dont feal like taking the insulation off to show you because aluminum tape is too expensive

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