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Myusername1674 10-09-2012 11:26 PM

My 5.2 build, the free Jeep.
Here's my Jeep build, nothing to crazy, and for the most part nothing that hasn't been done before. It's a student build as i myself am in school. It is also a student build since I have had to learn everything that I have done to it. So with that in mind please, read on.

The first big post was from 2012 when I first moved the thread over from a different site

Just an fyi, this thread is picture heavy! I sorta like taking pictures and documenting stuff, makes me feel like I'm doing something. :highfive:

All that aside here's my Jeep when I first got her and then with the current setup

My Jeep:
5.2L V8
Lockright front
Super 35 w/ Detroit Rear
4.5 front lift, Adjustable CA's
RE front double sheer trackbar
5ish rear, Adjustable CA's
JKS rear trackbar
35" Goodyear Wrangler MT/R w/ Kevlar
Black Soft 8's
RC winch plate+homemade tube front bumper
Smittybilt XRC
KOR d-ring shackles front
Trailer hitch d-ring rear
Other Stuff below [not an exhaustive list, I've done other minor cosmetic things]

Cowl Snorkel
Exhaust Snorkel
Bumper Fascia Removed, Painted Metal
Front Windows Tinted
Floor Bedline
NP249>NP231 Swap
Trimming, Front Bumper
Lock Right Locker
Trimmed Fenders
4.5 lift
CB Mount
Doorless ZJ Mod Write Up
RC Winch plate and Winch
Bedlined lower quarter
Super 35
Goodyear Wrangler MT/R w/ Kevlar
Front Bumper


Wheeling Trips
First Prentice Cooper Trip
Second Prentice Cooper Trip
Third Prentice Cooper Trip
Video of 3rd Prentice
Fourth Prentice Cooper Trip


High flow cat exhaust sound/nighttime mudding
Old Photoshoot
Messin' Around
Wasted $
My Buddy got a Jeep
Throwback wheeling

Myusername1674 10-10-2012 08:24 AM

From Cardomain
Little history of my Jeep; it was special ordered back in the 1990's by my Uncle. He drove it for many years, until he later retired it and gave it to his son (my cousin). This cousin wrecked it three times, thankfully they fixed it just fine. After his son went to college the Jeep sat around, was driven somewhat frequently to move my uncles boat. In 2008 (i think) my uncle gave the Jeep to my oldest brother to have as his car. It then preceded to get handed down to my other brother, who then let the oldest drive it again, and then a year ago he gave it to me, a few months before I turned 16 he gave it to me. When I got it the Jeep had around 235k on it I believe.
It's the 5.2l V8, Limited.

[Edit: Please be aware, the first big post of this build was when I went through my 'rice' stage, if I could go back I would have spent my money better.]

Heres when i first got it, in July 2011


Here's what it looks like as of today; it may be hard to tell the difference, the most noticable things arel the fog lights, I bought new ones and installed them; the gold trim on the bottom i painted black and the white styrafoam I also painted black as well, bacause I couldnt find a replacement plastic cover....


Just thought I'd update, i got the wheels painted and they look really good!


So i got the smoked headlights installed! look great, I'll get better pictures tomorrow after daylight, head over to page #4 for details and pictures of the installation :)
So yeah, it looks great!


So last thursday i decided i should fix up the luggage rack, so i took it off and painted the metal parts blue. As you can tell the factory paint was worn out, and looked pretty bad..... so i taped off the plastic parts.
and after i put it back on....
....Well spent $8..... I'll get better daylights pics at somepoint, i always work at night so you cant see anything in the pics


So first update in awhile, i put a black pin stripe over the gold strip, you can sorta see it here.......
and i painted all of the Jeep logo's an decals blue...!

an i put some extra blue leds on the insides on the doors, and plan to replace the ones in the cieling too.


I removed the rear vents from the back so i could repaint them black, but when I took them off, i decided they would look kinda cool blue, and now they do.....
Im sure a lot of people may not like the blue Ive got on here, but Im mostly doing it for fun, i mean its an old car, so its gotta stand out somehow right?


Bought felt to cover my sub, so it doesnt look so ghetto now! Gotta love wal-mart. Before (left) after (right)


Ive done a good bit since my last update, got new tailights, new speakers and tinted the fog lights black to match the head lights, hears some pics!
old speakers, (left) new speakers (right:)

Alpine type E's , I replaced all four stock ones, only one still barely worked before I did it.

Fog lights, tinted black (left light) before tint (right light)

New tailights

So thats pretty much it, I'll get better daylight pictures of the new lights at some point, I may end up tinting them darker, (the tailights) I haven't decided yet.


I am in the proccess of repainting the interior, its following the same black and blue scheme that i have been using, so far the dash is done and I am working on the rear door, pictures soon!


Here's before and after of the dash, I did this around two weeks ago.
And heres after its all painted and re-installed, looks great with the blue Leds.


Haven't updated lately, but here's what I've done:

Trimmed front bumper and moved my fogs down to the front.

Myusername1674 10-10-2012 08:30 AM

Some more recent pics with my friends Land Rover

And then a little bit stuck in a creek, didn't realize it was that deep. haha
Couldn't get the vid to work, but here's a link to it on youtube:

I added a new 12" Kicker Comp, kicks hard, thats all that I've really done right now. More soon!

Replaced the stock mufler with a Magnaflow 31'' Glasspack, sounds amazing!


Ordered a set of 5 black steelies, as well as a 2" BB. Going to order these tires once a little more money comes in


Well as i was waiting for the bb to get here, i decided to finally finish my interior painting, can't find any pictures of it on my computer though.

Budget Boost
Finished budget boosting the Jeep! Looks great, no wobbles so far, only gone to 50 mph though. I'll try the highway soon enough. Here's before (left) and after (right)

More after

Now I just need to get those tires :D


Forgot to mention the trim and paint job mod i did to the rear bumper, did this a month or so back, trimmed the plastic away from the metal and trimmed the metal.
These pictures are actually after the lift, but its the best shot of the rear bumper.


Couple of updates, I plastidipped my hood since the clear coat was pealing so bad, and i also fabbed up some sway bar quick disconects. Here's a pic of me with the Jeep, good shot of the hood, also i took the disconects off in under 3ish minutes to flex on this rock for the pic.

Also i did order those tires around 3 weeks ago, they're on back order and I'm guessing it will still be a while before i get them. Oh well, until then schools starting back so my lifes gonna get real busy again.

New Tires
Been busy lately, got the tires on about a month ago. Also getting her ready to go to Prentice Cooper in a few weeks.
Next to the Land Rover.

Well thats mostly it, as of
I finally finished bumpstopping the Jeep, and I'm now working on a relocated cowl snorkel, as well as refurbishing my smoked headlights, as they were in need of fixing up.

PolkaPower 10-10-2012 09:54 AM

Nice, you're lucky to have that as a first vehicle. Mine was a tiny 4 cylinder Izuzu pick up truck lol.

FastSUV 10-10-2012 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by PolkaPower (Post 14280496)
Nice, you're lucky to have that as a first vehicle. Mine was a tiny 4 cylinder Izuzu pick up truck lol.

when i worked at the ford/izuzu dealer, a log bed 2wd '87 Izuzu p/u, stick-shift, diesel (non-turbo) with a camper shell on the back filled with stuff came in for was the slowest vehicle I have ever seen. We took it out back and I ran a race against it and won for maybe 50yrds or so LOL.

PolkaPower 10-10-2012 03:50 PM

You could get that little truck to slide like crazy in the rain. Terrible traction and hardly any weight in the rear. Was kinda fun.

Myusername1674 10-19-2012 10:13 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Little update, got my Kor radiator support on

Attachment 493041

I also made a cowl snorkel, as I wanted something that was at least a little better than the stock air box. Had some trouble getting the cone to fit, so i had to 'modify' it. (sledgehammer :shhh: ) I made sure that it was still sealed well. I will be buying a different size filter asap.

And some flex on the front porch.

Attachment 493042

zachjf 10-19-2012 11:01 PM


Originally Posted by Myusername1674 (Post 14329770)
Little update, got my Kor radiator support on

Attachment 493041

Relocated my intakr to the cowl, so it's a little bit out of the way.

And some flex on the front porch.

Attachment 493042

Might wanna photoshop out your phone number on the 1/4 glass before you get blown up by telemarketers after one of the jokesters on this forum posts it online! :laugh:

Other than that it looks great, very well done and I actually like the black and blue theme you have goin on, looks subtle without being ricer'ish

Myusername1674 10-19-2012 11:15 PM

Lol don't worry it's my friends number, though i probably should photoshop it for his sake. Hahah

Thanks! I've debated many times getting rid of the blue, but for now it stays.

Myusername1674 10-22-2012 01:32 AM

First Prentice Cooper trip
I went and did some exploring at Prentice Cooper with a buddy of mine of Saturday:
Flexin the bb

Going again in a few weeks to try and find some of the harder/more fun stuff. :D

ZJMTL 10-22-2012 09:56 PM

Looks so much better since you de-riced your headlights! I can imagine the light output was terrible also.

Nice pics in the last set! Jeep is looking good!

Myusername1674 11-11-2012 09:48 PM

Well I've done a few minor things lately so I'll update;

I extended my axle breather hoses into the cab, so that I don't have to worry about them, I need to do the tcase and somehow do the transmission, not sure on that one yet.

Oh and ZJMTL, the only reason the black headlights are off is because they've started leaking, I'm eventually going to fix them and put them back. Don't think of it as rice, think of it as murder. (That's how i justify it at least :highfive: )

Here's the headlights half way done; (Also did a little weekend wheeling)

Second Prentice Cooper Trip

Also got my friends f150 a little stuck, he could have made it out if he'd backed up and gone harder, but we figured we'd just pull him a little and be done.

Mark-318-IT 11-12-2012 10:42 AM

grat job! did you remove the muffler, and put a glass pack?
or is it muffler + glass pack?

Myusername1674 11-12-2012 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by Mark-318-IT (Post 14443358)
grat job! did you remove the muffler, and put a glass pack?
or is it muffler + glass pack?


I removed the muffler, it runs: Stock cat + Glasspack.

Mark-318-IT 11-12-2012 03:18 PM

understood thanks

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