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Pimmy 02-08-2012 04:02 AM

Loss of power above 2000 rpm on Grand Cherokee 2.5 TD '97
I am posting this just as a reference to anyone who experiences the same problem.

Took the Jeep to get the engine washed. Since then the power gets cut off as soon as the engine reaches 2000rpm. Feels like I have released the gas pedal. The fuel consumption goes down as well.

Apparently the jet wash has damaged the sensor of the No.1 injector.

Bought a second hand one from a scrap yard and replaced it. I needed a special 28 socket which I bought on the internet for 8 and I had to file a bit in order to fit. Also I had to cut the wires as the connector didnt fit (likely the injector was taken from a slightly different jeep than mine).

Took me 20 min altogether to complete the job and the jeep is now back to normal.

Hope this is helpful to anyone else.

The time now is 07:47 AM.

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