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johnson420 08-15-2010 09:28 PM

Lifted ZJ Pics
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rustys 3'' basic lift kit, 15x 8 wheels and 31x10.50 pro-comp extreme mud terrains

JFox21 08-16-2010 12:27 AM

7" Lift, Iron Rock Offroad Front Long Arms, Clayton Offroad Rear Long Arms, 35x12.50r15 BFG Mud Terrain KM2s, 15x8 Cragar D Windows with 4" of backspacing.

indredsnake99 08-16-2010 12:45 AM

4.5" iro front long arm lift kit, 31x10.5x15 bfg at ko on soft 8s 3.75" back spacing

NickkciN 08-16-2010 01:39 AM

IRO 5.5" with BFG ATs 31x10.50R15 on 15x8 Unique 297s with 4" of BS.

And for reference, this is the ZJ back in the day. Skyjacker 2.25" BB with coil isolators still on so like 2.5" of lift total. Tires and wheels are same as above.
Also, note the difference in photo quality of the iPhone 4 (top 2 pics) and the iPhone 3G (bottom 2 pics)

sandman 08-16-2010 02:52 AM

6" lift 4" RC w/ 2" BB and a bunch of other parts, actually not much of the RC kit is left. Black steelies 3.75 BS 32" BFG MTs

xgerstandtx 08-16-2010 04:20 AM

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Rough country 4'' kit two isolators in rear, 33x12.50 Cooper STT's, Crager Soft 8's 3.75 back spacing, Fully body Armor:

Rough country4'' kit *no isolators 2'' coil spacers, 33x12.50 Cooper STT's, Crager Soft 8's 3.75 BS Fully body armor:

blackjoe 08-17-2010 09:51 AM

7" clayton long arm with ACOS front and rear, for a total of about 8.5 inches. 35x12.50 Cepek Mud Countries on 18" AR Marins @ 3.75" backspacing (spidertrax spacers take them to 4.75")

And just for scale, I'm 5'11:

PurpleZJ 08-17-2010 02:35 PM

kinda homebrew lift. 2.5" front BB/ 3.5" F>R. 265/75/16 All terrains kinda bald on stock gold rims with 1" wheel spacers
currently trying to find front UC springs to get me to 3.5

Erbo1Kanerbo 08-19-2010 11:59 PM

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Iron Rock Offroad 3.5" Lift first pic with 235/75/15 second pic with 32/1150/15 bfg mts on 15x8 cragar d's 4" bs

88mjgilley 08-25-2010 03:29 AM

my 96 zj
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96 318 zj 4in rough country with 32s

UDontEvenWheel 08-27-2010 03:22 PM

First post, never was a big fan of forums but I figured I'd give this site a look and see how it is.

10" of lift, 38.5" Gumbos, about to order a set of TSLs though. I'll post up more pictures and specs later on tonight I'm actually going outside to work on it a little.

CrawlerReady 08-27-2010 04:30 PM

6.5" lift on 40x13.50x17

kowboydmac 08-27-2010 09:34 PM

6.5" lift... superlift shocks... yeah... lol. prob going to do a 7" long arm lift soon; paint, etc.

-cAcHe- 09-02-2010 09:03 AM

4.5" IRO Springs with 1"spacer front, F>R swap. KM2 305/70/16

dantheman1964 09-03-2010 08:53 PM

my 93zj 5.2 AWD 3.5" lift

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