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LambertD911 06-03-2013 11:04 AM

Lift Kit
Hey guys, im looking to lift my 97 ZJ limited. trying to figure out the things that i need to get new parts to get an around 3inch lift. Could i just swap out the springs and shocks for ones that provide 3inch of lift or would i need replace the upper/lower control arms? front/rear track bars? Just let me know - it is not something i want to do right away so i am going to save up to do it right but i dont want to spend SO much into it ya know.

tucsonzj 06-03-2013 12:23 PM

search 3.5" lift. Or read other threads about which lift to choose etc that are currently active. All the info is there.

in short, find a 3.5" kit if thats what you want. Most go IRO, but there's other good lifts including RE (my preference).

You don't "need" everything that i'll list below, but it's the better idea.

required-springs (most 3.5 kits are a front.>rear swap kit, your springs are old and it's a worthy upgrade to just buy new rear springs with the kit)

required-new shocks that are proper length

required-front and rear sway bar (if the kit says track bar drop bracket or bracket, trash it and get the proper length track bar, save yourself the hassle) there is where adjustable comes in handy

required-Front and rear sway bar link extensions

you don't need new CA's. New lower control arms are a nice upgrade. Or you can replace all 4 with adjustable or proper length ones. But again not necessary.

Be prepared to replace all bushings including isolater pads

You will probably need extended bumps stops. I bought hockey pucks and rvt'd the s*** out of them and stuck them in there. Work perfect for 4 bucks.

Won't need extended brake lines (99% unless something is weird)

If you're going to run bigger wheels on stock rims you need wheel spacers of 1.25" with the 5x4.5 bolt pattern. Spidertrax and Rough Country

kg6mov 06-03-2013 01:47 PM

To start with, where did you get 3" from? In general it's best to start with the tire size you want to run and work from there.

How much are you trimmed to be running 31's on stock?

What kind of trails are you looking to run and will this be a weekend warrior or is it your DD?

tucsonzj 06-03-2013 02:40 PM

you're so much nicer then me kg6. lol

95_ZJ_Limited 06-03-2013 03:48 PM

Maybe 3 inch from just buying springs? I know I might catch flak for this but I have 3 inch rusty lift springs in the front, old stock front springs in the rear. Stock sway bars, shocks made for a 2in. of lift. I have a Rubicon Express Adjustable trackbar for the front and rear though. Also running 30/9.5/15 KM2's. 3 inches is doable on a budget but mostly frowned upon.

Edit: I do need new shocks though because my downtravel has been adversely affected

LambertD911 06-04-2013 09:36 PM

@KG6 - I trimmed maybe ~.5-1inch off the bottom lip of the front bumper. It looks completely stock unless u go "all up in the thing" just enough so it didnt rub when i went full lock - which doesnt happen often.

And i came up with a 3" lift because i figured it would be just the right amount of travel/stability when S**T hits the fan around me. Where i live, when we get some good rain or a snow storm we get downed trees / mud / rocks. Plus my family is slightly stupid and got cars that dont do well / dont do at all in that kind of weather . My sister has a VW passat thats beat to hell and my brother also has a VW jetta - but its lowered and looks "cool" but god forbid we get 2 or more inches of snow and he's stranded. father has a FWD small ford truck that is about to die. Therefore i wanted enough travel/lift if god forbid something happens here when there is bad weather and we need to get somewhere - especially with a 95yr old grandfather in the house.

So thats about it. I figured i was going to do the Front>rear swap from IRO and probably get some new front shocks while im at it. Just wanted some input if anything else was necessary

kg6mov 06-04-2013 10:40 PM

F > r swaps don't ride great, they work if you just want height, but this sounds like you need slightly more than that. I'm heavily under the opinion that over 2.5" you should go all out and long arm unless its just a trail pig. You can probably trim and bump stop for some 33s at 2.5 and you can keep the stock control arms. You won't get to 35s on 3.5 if you want to keep things looking stockish unless you bumpstop yourself out of any uptravel. Talk to Kolak about OME and bilsteins beef up your steering a bit, maybe a better sway bar and it will ride great and be capable in weather.

Alternatively look at the notch customs fender flairs, that might let you run 35's on 3.5ish, it sounds like axle clearance is what you're after and only tires will get you there.

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