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vngdh 12-29-2002 09:04 PM

Left Rear Taillight & Overhead console light for next & menu went out
Hello everyone.

Has anyone had to replace a taillight (not the lense, just the light) on their 2000? Mine went out sometime this week, found out tonight. The running lights/signals work.

My computer didn't state this (should it? I have seen other posts indicating that they will notify for backup lights, etc)....

I have changed bulbs on my 91 Cherokee and it was a breeze. I am hoping that this will be as easy. Any pointers or tips for this (should be simple) task from those who have done it before (99-current)?

Also I noticed that my overhead computer (compass, temp, all the goodies) had a bulb burnt out for the -next- and -menu- buttons (the -E/M- and -reset- work fine). I am tempted to take it to the dealer to fix this? Has anyone done this before. Any recommendations? I have the basic tools only.

Also.. last but not least.. is there a Chilton's or comperable repair book for the 2000 yet?



MJR 12-30-2002 12:10 AM

If you are still under 3/36 bulbs are covered. You open the rear hatch and take the two phillips screws out. Pull the light straight back to pop it out of a clip. The sockets twist out. One of the common problems on 99-up is black oxidation marks where the sockets make contact. Clean them with a rubber eraser. No I don't think the 99-up tell you when a bulb is out.

vngdh 12-30-2002 10:32 PM

The bulb filiment for brakes was burnt out (though the running light was still ok). I replaced it easily.

I checked the site and they gave a headup on how to access the overhead command center. Unfortunatly when I tried to use my philips to unscrew the front of it, it appears someone else may have tried it before (I bought the vehicle used) and it appears stripped. Grrrr :mad: Once it annoys me enough I'll take it to the dealer I suppose. Rather have them drill out the screw and risk cracking the casing than me ;-)


MJR 12-31-2002 01:18 AM

It might actually be a T20 or T25 torx (star) bit.

The time now is 08:28 AM.

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