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post #31 of 55 Old 12-18-2009, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by srad711 View Post
Not true, if you lock the tires you will dig below the "ball bearing's" stoping quicker. Also you will push a large mound in front of your tires helping to stop much quicker. Problem with ABS is it doesnt know what surface it is on and continues to realease pressure not allowing the above to happen. This has been proven fact time and time again.
The new ABS systems in some off-road vehicles (SVT Raptor for example) have a seperate program for off-roading that allows much more lock-up and are set-up for maximum performance in dirt/gravel /sand conditions.
i think the quoted section was saying the same thing. ABS won't lock the wheels up enough to dig down, so you keep sliding.

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Originally Posted by ruggedscotsman View Post
i think the quoted section was saying the same thing. ABS won't lock the wheels up enough to dig down, so you keep sliding.
Even going slow in part-time high I've had issues with ABS causing me to nearly slide down a steep grade and do damage to my Jeep. It was completely worthless. Had I had the ABS disabled, I'd not have had an issue. It is very bad for trails and can even be a pain on snow and ice, depending on the situation. But Jeep was the first 4x4 with ABS that worked with 4wd engaged. I wonder if the newest WK's have some type of work around for this issue. Having to pull a fuse when you wheel is a bit insane.

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I hate ABS in the winter, the Jeep slows down just fine until I push just a little too hard and ABS kicks in. Then it starts going faster than I had been without the abs. People just need to learn you can't drive 40mph up to the stop light and mash the brakes.

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post #34 of 55 Old 12-28-2009, 11:17 PM
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Ah! Just the thread I was looking for.
I mainly drive my ZJ in the winter only, and occasionally use it for family trips in the nicer weather.
I put it on the road today as we had a good snow fall last night.
My car is now parked and under a car cover for the winter.

The point is, I forgot how crappy I find the brakes seem to be on my '96. It was not unreasonably slippery today, but the noise, and my foot almost going to the floor boards, and still sliding when approaching an intersection as ABS is engaged is disconcerting and brought back memories of last year. I almost slammed into the rear of the car ahead of me because the brakes seem useless on ice. My tires are in excellent shape, but I think it has to do with the ABS? It seems that I have less control.

To be fair, I will conduct some tests tomorrow. I will compare equal speeds and measure stopping distances with relay in vs. relay out and post the results.

I believe factors need to be considered depending on your driving habits:
1) Mostly highway driving. ABS would benefit me when I'm travelling at higher speeds, need to use my brakesin an emergency and maintain control to change lanes.
2) I am primarily driving in town. I need to stop quickly at intersections due to another drivers mistakes or making a red light, or my driveway for that matter.

There are major considerations to take into account when deciding whether or not ABS is right for you.
For me, I fit primarily into the #2 category. I find the amount of sliding my ZJ exhibits on ice or snow is excessive and I think the ABS is hindering the performance. This is the only vehicle I've ever owned with ABS, so maybe I am biased and there is a learning curve involved here?

I will provide pictures tomorrow of my findings using a vacant portion of a snow covered parking lot.


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Originally Posted by Wizardstsi View Post
What you guys are saying about never being able to outbrake the ABS unit is true AND false.

In the dry and wet, sure the ABS wins all the time. But throw in gravel or snow or any other loose surfaces and ABS actaully INCREASES stopping distance.

"In gravel, sand and deep snow, ABS tends to increase braking distances. On these surfaces, locked wheels dig in and stop the vehicle more quickly"
This tends to be true.... even in my company work truck which I spend a great deal of time in off road it is more of a hazzard and actualy a threat more than anything else. ABS as far as I am concerned it is more for people that do not have the ability to control there vehicle under panic or extreme situations. Which is most people. Either way, I have seen MANY situations where even on dry pavement a vehicle will NOT stop due to the ABS and its problems. Give me just good power brakes and I am good to go in any situation as per my finding. "off road forums for off road people"
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I agree. ABS can help when you just slam the brakes, but for a good driver doing anything technical, it's nice to be able to turn it off. I actually totaled my old POS Hyundai due to the ABS releasing too aggressively on dry pavement. Had it been off, even if I just stood on the brakes, I would have been fine, and would have just clipped the corner of the rear bumper into a jersey barrier.
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So how can we disable the ABS? I have a 93' ZJ V8. I only drive it a few times a month and one of my ABS wheel sensors is going nuts. Sometime when coming to a stop I will feel the ABS pulse and it will apply full force to the brakes, its scary sometimes. I would rather not have ABS right now until I can afford fix this issue. So how can I disable the ABS for a while?
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pull fuse or relay, or unhook the plug on the abs pump thats under the hood
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Is the ABS fuse labeled? Where is it located? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by MRAJB View Post
Is the ABS fuse labeled? Where is it located? Thanks.
Been a few years since I have pulled that fuse but I believe it is located under the hood by the battery and it is labeled if I remember correctly.
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Gentleman, I know this is an old thread, but the validity and usefullness comes to our full attention every november as the snow begins to fall (northern latitudes anyway.)

I experience the same inability to stop on command with my ZJ. So following the earliest information in this thread I removed the 40amp fuse for the ABS on my 1998 ZJ. The fuse is located, as has been mentioned, right behind the battery, and once pulled all of 'issues' instantly disappear. There has been mention of the speedometer not working as the speedo and ABS are on the same circuit. Not so with my '98. Everything works as usual, just the ABS warning light comes on.

Hope this clarifies a little for some people.

I'm a conscious driver and well aware of the actions I've taken to improve my jeep's winter driving ability.

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I also pulled the big fuse/relay under the hood. No more ABS. The ABS light goes stays on, but atleast the brakes function normally again. Also, my speedometer works fine after pulling the fuse.
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Originally Posted by Technohead View Post
There is absolutely NO WAY you will be able to stop the vehicle quicker than a properly functioning ABS system.
Not correct. On loose snow, gravel or sand the locked wheel builds up a chock of material in front of it which actually makes you stop more quickly than if ABS kept the wheel spinning. In most cases the ABS will do the best job, but in thoses cases a locked wheel can be better.

That's why the original Audi Quatro had a switch on the dash to disable ABS.

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Correct. In addition, if you're stopping in a straight line on pavement and know how to threshold brake decently (keep the tires just short of lockup), you can also out-stop ABS. ABS is only designed to allow you to steer when you downright panic and slam the brake pedal to the floor, as the wheels are only locked up some of the time. However, intermittently locking up the tires and then releasing/reapplying the brakes is NOT an efficient way to actually stop, provided you're going straight.
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I have a 2001 WJ and I swear the ABS on this thing is a death trap in the snow. My wife has a 2005 ford focus and her ABS system is WAAYYY better than mine in the snow. Mine is so bad that if I'm on a level (snowy) surface at 10 miles an hour and hit the brakes (hard locking them on purpose) it would take literally a football field to stop. I'm not even sure you would ever completely stop!!.... Hopefully the newer models have an improved ABS system.

I'm just glad to hear others have the same issue..I thought I was going crazy!
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