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BLKHWKPILOT 05-11-2013 01:13 PM

Having problems idling?!?
Hey I have a 97 ZJ that recently has been having trouble starting and then when it does it does not stay idling. The RPMs just slow down until it shuts off. In order for it to stay started I have to consistently press on the gas pedal until I feel safe enough to let off of it and sometime it stays on and other times it shuts off again. I have already replace the Idle control valve on it but I do not know where to go from here.

JasonStebbins 05-11-2013 01:20 PM

Does it sputter or misfire when it dies or just slowly shut off?

Sounds like it could be fuel related. Maybe a clogged fuel filter or failing fuel pump. Does the engine light flash while it is doing this? Could also be the upstream O2 sensor or TPS on it's way out.

Does it run and drive normal? Any stalling or starting problems after it's warmed up?

zj97ltd 05-11-2013 02:42 PM

I've had 2 different V8 ZJ's act like this because of either a weak battery or loose cables.

BLKHWKPILOT 05-11-2013 06:43 PM

It just dies slowly, it almost sounds like it is try to keep the RPMs up a little bit of revving but then it dies. The Engine light does not come on when it does this. It drives the same as it has since I bought it. It will still have a hard time idling after running for a while, I can go out driving for a little but turn it off and try to turn it back on it does the same thing. But this problem does not happen every time I start it up just intermittently.

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